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Permanent make-up in Krakow


What is permanent makeup or tattoo?

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing is a modern, fashionable and very popular technique that makes you look perfect every day. Long-lasting effect of such a makeup will save you from necessity to spend a lot of time on applying cosmetics every day. Permanent makeup is a beauty that will be with you for a long time. Tattoo can mask an aesthetic defect and emphasize your beauty.
OASIS BEAUTY & SPA SALON offers a wide range of permanent makeup procedures, performed by highly qualified and experienced specialists. YOU MAY SCHEDULE YOUR VISIT ONLINE HERE.
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If you faced such problems as a need to emphasize, highlight, correct or improve your facial features, to mask the aesthetic defects of the skin, then a permanent makeup/tattoo is the most appropriate solution. You may create an individual look, improve shape of eyebrows, lips, visually change the shape of your eyes and even solve eyebrow alopecia problem with the help of permanent makeup/tattoo. The tattooing would last well over couple of years.
Permanent makeup is a modern technique to create an individual and unique look. It is also an opportunity to save a lot of time every day. It is always highlighted, impressive eyes and lips.
Modern permanent makeup techniques applied by specialists of OASIS BEAUTY & SPA SALON will meet needs of the most demanding customers and will help to solve seemingly impossible tasks.

You may find the pricelist for permanent makeup here

Eyebrows tattoo

Attention, important information! 
Almost 70% of cosmetic defects can be corrected using modern techniques of permanent makeup, and, what is equally important, without any surgical treatment:

  • too narrow lips;
  • lips contour pigmentation;
  • asymmetry of eyes, eyebrows and lips;
  • age-related changes (mouth and eyes corners lowering);
  • harelip, scars in procedure area.

What are the most popular permanent makeup techniques?

There are quite a lot of permanent makeup techniques. Only an experienced specialist, taking into account all the features of your skin, face shape, density of eyelashes and eyebrows, will be able to choose the right method for applying tattoo on the selected part of face.

Let’s start from permanent eyebrow makeup and methods of its performance.

Advantages of permanent eyebrows makeup:
– a correctly selected eyebrow shape will make your eyes look more attractive;
– adds impressiveness to facial features;
– makes you to forget about regular eyebrows tinting and use of decorative cosmetic liners;
– helps to solve problems associated with partial or complete alopecia of eyebrows;
– conceals skin flows in tattooing area.

Techniques or methods of permanent eyebrow makeup performance:

1). “Spraying” method, same as “shading” and another name popular among customers – “powder fill”, is compared with delicate spraying, which results in eyebrows look very natural, as if makeup has been made with cosmetic shadows. “Spraying”, “shading” or “powder fill” methods are rather complicated in terms of performance technique. Thus it requires highly experienced and professional specialist because it is important to choose pigments applied that will match the natural color of your eyebrows most closely. 

Shadow techniquespraying / shading / powdery techniques

2). “hair stroke” technique fundamentally differs from “spraying”, “shading” or “powder fill” technique by the fact that during this procedure the master, as an artist, will draw almost every hair of your eyebrows on the skin, giving them preferred shape and color. Hairs will be drawn in accordance with natural slope in one or another part of the eyebrow. Hairs length as well as thickness will be chosen according to their location in eyebrows. Due to this, it will give the opportunity to create visually natural eyebrows, without any gaps in uneven hair growth or alopecia areas. Further, thanks to this technique, it is possible to hide scars in eyebrows hair growth area that disturbed you for so long time.

Hair stroke tattoo technique“hair stroke” eyebrow tattooing technique

You may register for permanent eyebrows makeup procedure online right now here book now

Now let’s talk about the ways of visual change of the eye shape, in other words, about the lines of the upper and lower eyelid – “the flicks”.

Special eyeliner or the pencil is the integral attributes of almost every women. These are the simplest means many of them use to paint their everyday “flicks” on the upper and lower eyelid, trying to make their eyes look as desired. The process is very time- and labor-consuming. This can be avoided due to the permanent “flicks” applied to your upper, lower or both eyelids, but for a longer period. Make use of the services of OASIS BEAUTY&SPA professionals who will make this procedure as much comfortable and painless as possible.

Advantages of the eyeliner tatooing:
– waterproof makeup;
– warranty of the makeup endurance;
– possibility of visual increase of the eyelashes volume;
– possibility to correct the age-related eyelid droop;
– makeup with which you will look fantastic 24 hours a day;
– possibility of visual change of the eye shape.

Techniques and methods of the eyeliner tatooing

There are three widespread and popular types of the eyeliner tattooing:
1). “Flicks”– is the most popular type of the eyeliner tattooing. It is almost impossible to create the ideal symmetrical lines using the ordinary eyeliner or the pencil, therefore, you must spend heaps of time on your makeup.
The flicks may me painted along the whole eyelid, starting from the midline and finishing either with the straight line or the curved ending. The flicks can be classical, with the light shading lengthwise (similar to the application of the soft pencil). The flicks can be painted both on the upper and on the lower eyelid


The flicks technique

2). “Filling in the space between the eyelashes” (visual increase of the eyelashes volume) – the method of the permanent makeup during which the pigment is applied only to the skin between the eyelashes, thus enhancing their volume. The tattooing between the eyelashes, like the flicks is made on the upper and lower eyelids.


The technique of filling in the space between the eyelashes

3). The technique of flicks with the shading of the upper eyelid – this tattooing is frequently called artistic, but it is one of the most complex types of the pigment application. The specialist accurately imitates the cosmetic shades coming from the painted flicks smoothly onto the eyelid, – from darker shades to the skin-toned shade. As s result, your eyes look like painted with the eyeliner and eye shadows at the same time. Such methodology is applicable only to the upper eyelid.


The tattooing technique – flicks with the shading of the upper eyelid 

First of all we would advise to get maximum information on the selected procedure, ideally – at the salon where you plan to have it done. Usually the salons specializing in the permanent makeup possess detailed information on everything the clients should know. For instance, our salon OASIS BEAUTY&SPA in Krakow has the answers to all the questions on its web-site, or you can get the detailed information on the preparation to the permanent makeup and care after the procedure in electronic or printed form.
During the eye tattooing, the clients should be in lying position with the eyes closed for quite a long period of time, it is forbidden to sit or stand. If you suffer from claustrophobia or if you can’t stay with your eyes closed a couple of hours for some other reason, most probably, this procedure is not for you.

What is the procedure of the eyeliner tatooing?

Stage-by-stage procedure of the eyeliner tatooing:

– before the procedure the specialist should remove the makeup and wipe the necessary area with the antiseptic.
– after this using the finely-honed pencil or chosen pigments the specialist paints the sketch over which the anesthetic ointment is applied. Anesthesia for this type of permanent makeup is used only in the form of ointment – the other forms may lead to the substance penetration into the eyes.
– in 15-20 minutes the specialist starts the process of the pigment application with the help of the special device (the tattoo machine) which allows adjusting the depth of penetration, change the nozzles (for different techniques) and the needle moving intensity;
– first of all the pigment is applied only along the eyelashes periphery, or in the space between the eyelashes, depending upon the technique you choose;
– then the line is gradually extended to the necessary form (with the light flicks shading with the transfer to the eyelids shadows);
– if you chose the technique with the upper eyelid shading, the shading nozzle is additionally applied. In this case the outer corner is painted darker, and the smooth transition to the natural color is made to the midline of the eyelid;
– in the process of the permanent eyeliner tattooing, the specialist may add the anesthetic ointment;
– after the tattooing, the specialist applies the healing ointment and gives the personal recommendations as to the skin care during the healing period;
– the time of conducting and price may differ in each separate case but certainly within the temporal and price limits indicated in the price-list of the beauty salon. Besides, you can always ask the specialist about the exact price of the procedure before its conducting.

The third position in our list of the permanent makeup varieties is occupied by the lips, and, of course the methods of this type of tattooing.

Permanent lips makeup.

Permanent lips makeup is conducted with the use of several techniques. The differential characteristic of the lips tattooing is the possibility of applying diverse decorative approaches, application of the most diverse color palette of the pigments applied, the use of such effects as the smooth color transition, painting the halftones, visual lips enhancement
Undoubtedly, you are the one to choose the method but it depends upon the necessary result. In order to make the right choice and not have any doubts before conducting the permanent lips makeup, study all these techniques with due care and the effects after them.

The essence of the procedure of the lips enhancing makeup

Attractive, plumpy lips will always be trendy. If your lips are naturally thin but you dream of the plumpy lips, then the permanent makeup can become the very magic stick with the help of which your dream will come true.
Even the ordinary contouring with the shading is able to make your lips a bit plumper and more expressive. But modern technologies and applying the permanent makeup will give you even more – for instance, the tattooing with the lip enhancing effect or 3D-tattooing.
Such a technique will allow not only underline or reline but also really enhance your lips which is achieved due to the mixing of several techniques into one. During the procedure of enhancing using the tattooing the lips skin is fully filled with the pigments of the chosen shades and contouring. In some cases for the purpose of the lips enhancing the contouring is made outside the external line with the light shade (kohl), the relief is painted and the areas of skin in the middle of the lips is bleached. This work can really be compared with the painting of picture. If you are going to conduct the lip enhancing procedure using the tattooing, you should remember that the key to success is the choice of the right place for the procedure and the very specialist who will make your lips not only visually more plumpy, but also looking natural.

The lips tattooing advantages:
– allows correcting such imperfections as the hare lip and the scars;
– enhances the lips making them looking seductive;
– relines the lips contour, making it ideally symmetrical;
– creates the effect of the painted lips even without the lipsticks;
– resolves the problem of the lips contour pigmentation.

For the last years the permanent lips makeup has become immensely popular among modern women. First of all due to the fact that it allows saving a heap of time for the day and night makeup and allowed looking perfect on a regular basis.
The permanent makeup or the lips tattooing is the procedure of micropigmentation and is conducted with the help of the special machine which allows introducing the necessary pigments under the skin 0.3-0.8 mm deep, creating the waterproof contours of your lips.

The types of the lips permanent makeup:

1). The countour technique is first of all recommended to those who faced the problem of the blurred and dim contour of the lips, uneven pigmentation. After this procedure your lips have a distinct contour 1-2 mm wide, uniform color as if painted with the lip pencil. The best choice would be the color one-two tones darker than your natural one, since after the healing the color will become more pale. Even in the process of healing the lips look quite natural, but this will be the result if you trust the specialist who chooses the appropriate pigment, matching the natural color of your lips as much as possible.

Lip tattoo in Krakow

Countour technique of the lips permanent makeup

2). “The following lips tattooing technique”  is the contour with the partial shading- is ideal to everyone. This type of the permanent makeup looks very natural, it would be enough to apply some lip gloss and your smile is gorgeous. Contouring with the shading is the improved version of the classical contour tattooing. Apart from the contour the pigment is applied to the lips surface and is smoothly shaded along the perimeter. In this case the shading is partial, not all over the lips surface moving from the outer edge to the middle, and the middle remains unpainted. This technique is able not only to provide for the expressed lips contour, but also make the color deeper and more intense. If it is not enough for you just to underline the lips contour with the help of the tattooing, and you do not consider the complete lips filling with the pigment, the contour with the partial shading will be the golden medium for you

lip tattoo

Lips contour with the partial shading.

3). “Contour with the complete filling”, “lips enhancement”, “permanent lipstick”, “3D-lips tattooing”– is the most popular method, since this type of the permanent makeup allows achieving the necessary symmetry and ideal lips contouring – the contour filled in with the pigment is evenly shaded and the lips look natural. The effect will depend upon the necessary color and brightness of the pigments. If the shade is maximum close to the color of your lips, it will look natural, as a result – a little brighter, but much more expressive due to the clear and symmetrical contour.
If you want to make your lips look bright and have intense color of, for instance, your favorite lipstick, the result will be corresponding, therefore, the second name of this method is the permanent lipstick Visual lips enhancement with the permanent make up or tattooing(is practically the same as the permanent makeup / lips tattooing with the contour and complete filling.The only difference may be just the lips enhancement through the panting of the contour larger than the natural one. This will allow enhancing the upper or lower lip, and probably even two, and, as a result, create the ideally symmetrical and plumpy lips painted in your favorite color.
One more advantage of this method is the 3D effect. Considering all characteristics, it becomes understandable why this method is also known as “3D” – due to the lips enhancement and the smooth color transition from the contour to the midline of the lip this wonderful 3D effect is created.

lip tattoo

The lips tattooing: contour with the complete filling/the volume enhancement/3d/permanent lipstick 

Advantages and disadvanatges of the lips enhancement using the tattooing

In fact the efficiency of this tattooing method can hardly be underestimated, since its result speaks for itself.
The lips become visually more plumpy and attractive.
Properly selected pigment shades create the natural effect.
The process of recovery is relatively quick and painless.
If you prefer the bright colors, then you will always look gorgeous saving the heaps of time.
Having applied the permanent makeup enhancing the lips, you will forget about the smeared lipstick or infringed contour of your lips for a long time. Your lips will look gorgeous at any time of the day and night.

What effect is expected after the lips enhancement using the permanent makeup?

Right after the procedure your lips will look a bit tumid and red, the color will be intense. But during a week after the permanent makeup as a result of the intense sloughing of the lips skin, the color will become paler. The final shade of the pigment applied will be noticeable in 3-4 weeks, depending upon the individual characteristics of the human organism and intensity of the regeneration (ability to the recovery, healing) of the skin.
After complete healing of the skin (not earlier than in a month) the second visit will be necessary for the purpose of correction and secondary application of the pigments which will make the expected result of the lips enhancing even more expressed as well as any other permanent makeup procedure.
As a result of the lips contour painting and filling in the spaces with the necessary pigments, the visual volume enhancement effect will be observed. Your lips will become a bit larger, brighter and expressive. But all this will happen on condition of conducting the procedure by a qualified specialist with a great work experience. The clearly painted contour, absolutely symmetrical forms, smoothly shaded pigment, and, of course, the waterproof effect will make you happy day after day – for a couple of years as a minimum.

Step-by-step permanent makeup

Regardless of the part of the face the tattooing is applied to, it shall always be applied using the same principle:
– first of all before the procedure the specialist shall select the form and color of pigments;
– the selected color is at first applied using the ordinary pencils, allowing you to make a final decision in the selection of your image;
– the procedure is conducted with the help of the special device (tattoo-machine) with the possibility to adjust the depth of the pigments penetration, change of the nozzles (for the use of different techniques), selection of the needle movement speed.
– before the procedure the thorough skin cleansing should be conducted, then the antiseptic and the bleaching anesthetizing substance is applied.
– in case of the low pain threshold the specialist may reapply the anesthetic, upon the client’s request, for maximum comfort. .

What is it necessary to know before the permanent makeup procedure and how to get the appropriate preparation?

The permanent makeup should best of all be planned for the beginning or the middle of the menstrual cycle. During this period the pain sensitivity threshold is lower. The best recommended time of the day is from 12:00 to 14:00 when the pain sensitivity is least felt.

In order for the procedure to run as planned, it is necessary to provide for the appropriate preparation. Already two weeks before the visit to the salon it is necessary to refuse from the tanning – both under the sun and at the solarium. When the skin color is maximum natural, it is easier for the specialist to select the best tattooing pigments.

Two weeks before the permanent makeup it is recommended to terminate all active procedures of the face skin care: acid and natural pilings, mechanical skin cleansing, otherwise the time of the pigment healing may increase.

One week before the procedure the antibiotics medication shall be terminated, they reduce the organism resistance which makes the skin regeneration slower.
It is necessary to refuse from the blood thinners, for instance, from aspirin. Such medicines provoke the active lymph release from the wound surface of the skin after the tattooing, and most of the pigment is released together with the lymph.

2-3 days before the salon visit, it is recommended to exclude the alcohol- and caffeine-containing drinks. They also facilitate the blood thinning and increase the pain sensitivity.

Before the procedure it is recommended to exclude the fatty, fried, smoked food and increased fluid intake in order to avoid the puffy swelling. It would be also preferable not to use the decorative cosmetics thus letting the skin rest.

If in your everyday life you wear the lenses and/or the glasses, you should remove the lenses and take the glasses with you. Wearing glasses the appearance of the permanent makeup can be visually distorted. After the specialist paints the preliminary sketch, through the lenses of your glasses you will be able to assess it, and make corrections, if necessary.

The drawback of the permanent makeup

The only but not unimportant drawback of this magical procedure is the sense of discomfort during the application of the permanent makeup. Of course, before the tattooing, the anesthesia is administered, but the pain is still felt. Its intensity depends upon the person’s individual pain threshold and the state of mind. Sometimes, during the pigment application, the eyes mist over, some clients need the additional anesthesia, and the others only feel some minor pricking during the work with the needle.

One more not very pleasant factor is the period of recovery.7-14 days you will not be very attractive, but it’s worth it! If you stick to all the recommendations of the specialist, the healing period will be short and comfortable.

Possible complication after the permanent makeup / tattooing.

Unfortunately, the failed permanent makeup is not a rarity. Most frequently, this happens after the procedure at home conducted under the anti-septic conditions by inexperienced person. But many cases of unfavorable effect happen due to the client’s fault: Inappropriate care, negligence as to the recommendations of the specialist, choice of the care means at the client’s sole discretion.
Possible complications:
– small hematomas (bruises), if during the procedure the blood vessels were wounded, they disappear within a week.
– contagion, if the procedure was conducted in the place where the sanitary and epidemiological conditions have not been followed (at home).Bacteria and viruses, having penetrated into the blood provoke the inflammations and, consequently, the pus starts releasing from the wounds.In this case it is necessary to address the doctor immediately;
– allergic reaction. Certified pigments used by the professionals at the beauty salons are composed of the natural ingredients. Cheap fake ingredients used by unprofessional specialists at home may not only affect the tattooing appearance but also the client’s health. In case of such a reaction you should immediately address the allergologist.
– unforeseen changes of the form or shade of the tattooing. May happen due to the poor quality colorants, which can smear under the skin, distorting the contour. The shade may become blue, reddish or green;
– some people think that the eyeliner tattooing affects the eyesight, but that’s not true. The needle of the permanent makeup machine does not damage the mucous membrane of the eye ball, it doesn’t even touch it.

Counter-indications of the permanent makeup

– infectious diseases;
– any inflammation processes in the organism, flue, ARD, elevated body temperature;
– dermatological rashes near or close to the area of the permanent makeup application;
– birthmarks and other neoformations within the area of the planned tattooing;
– oncological diseases;
– active psoriasis, especially on the face;
– acute exacerbations of chronic diseases, severe diseases of the visceral organs;
– tendency to the formation of the keloid scars;
– diabetes;
– epilepsy;
– hepatitis;
-Haemophilia, coagulation failure;
– allergy to the pigments or other means applied during the procedure;
– pregnancy and lactation period;
– periods;
– age under 18;
– mental deviations;
– conjunctivitis.

Before the procedure together with the tattooing specialist, you can clarify all your absolute and relative counter-indications, having filled in the questionnaire with a number of questions. You should answer them honestly and frankly, understanding that the dishonest information may lead to certain consequences, for which you will be liable.

Advice and recommendations as to the care after the permanent tattooing

After the tattooing procedure on the application areas there appear the swelling and reddening which disappear maximum in a couple of days. On the first day after the application the skin on these areas may be damp due to the releasing lymph serum. It is necessary to sponge the skin with the sterile prep pads, carefully wipe with the prescribed antiseptics (miramistine, chlorhexidine).In order to avoid the substance penetration into the eyes or mouth, you’d better do this using the cotton swab. After the solution dries, it is necessary to apply the healing ointment (bepanthen, panthenol, vaseline).

On 3-5 day the areas of the permanent application will cover with the crust, the skin under it will be itchy. You should not scratch it, it is strictly forbidden! You shouldn’t also strip it, since after the complete healing it will drop off itself.

When the skin is fully clean of the crust, the pigment color will look a little paler than expected. Don’t be afraid, the pigment will acquire necessary color during the healing. That’s why, quite frequently the specialists suggest making, for instance, the lips color brighter than the expected result.
Full healing and recovery after the session of the permanent makeup application will come in 3-4 weeks.

Is the correction necessary or not?

In order for the permanent makeup to be ideal, after the complete healing of the skin, it s necessary to make the correction of the initial result. The specialist will add the pigment to the areas on which it could partially disappear during the healing, and, if necessary, will make it brighter. Thus, the tattooing, will look ideal longer. Even if you are fully satisfied with the initial result, it is necessary to make the correction, otherwise, there is no guarantee that the color will not grow dim in half a year.

The next tattooing shall be conducted when the pigment starts growing dim. In most cases, the permanent makeup remains unchanged from 2 to 3 years, but this is very individual.

If after two-three years you don’t want to change the form of your permanent makeup, the next procedure shall be conducted right after the shade starts growing dim. The specialist will fully renovate the coloring pigment, and it will make you happy for a long period of time.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to look gorgeous in the mountains in winter and on the beach in summer without using the makeup?

permanent makeup in the mountains and on the beach

To forget about the exhausting procedure of the everyday makeup, look gorgeous at the restaurant, on the beach, at home, at any time of the year and day – this, for sure, is the dream of each representative of the fair sex. Gathering your suitcase for vacations or the business trip, not take a half of the suitcase of the decorative makeup, but limit yourself to the minimum amount of the skin care means. Isn’t this a dream? The solution of this decision is possible with the help of the permanent makeup.
However, struggling to get rid of a huge cosmetic bag, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:
– it is necessary to plan the visit to the permanent makeup specialist one month before the vacations, or any important event in your life.
– take into account the season and weather conditions during the first week after the procedure;
– it is necessary to follow all recommendations of your specialist before and after the permanent makeup. 

2. When is it better to conduct the makeup before the important event of your life?

The permanent makeup specialists and aesthetic cosmetologists unanimously recommend conducting the tattooing procedure not later than 1 month before the event (wedding, long-awaited vacations, important business trip…).
Permanent makeup, despite the attenuated effect, is the procedure wounding the skin surface, which leads to the rehabilitation period, during which the appropriate care is necessary for the skin of the eyebrows, around the eyes and lips. There is nothing difficult in it – the main thing is to follow the recommendations of the specialist.
Contact with the sand, excessive sun rays during the recovery period can hardly be considered the favorable factors, the same as the snow with the wind and frost.
It should also be taken into consideration that the second visit to the specialist for the purpose of correction of the initial result is practically always necessary after the tattooing. The time of the next visit to the specialist is individual and depends upon the area of the permanent makeup, specificity of the skin structure and the ability of the organism in general to the healing of the wound surface. In most cases the correction is appointed in 4 weeks after the application. The complete healing of the skin after the tattooing comes in a month after the procedure.

3. Does the sun affect the permanent makeup / tattooing?

permanent makeup in the sun

The impact of the ultraviolet is the first enemy of the fresh tattooing. The direct sun rays may cause the discolorment of the coloring pigments, since they have not managed to consolidate within the skin. This may lead to the change of the initial color, or, which, is worse, to the uneven pigmentation. Therefore, right after the permanent makeup application, it is strictly forbidden to visit the solarium and take the sun bath, the sauna, bath house, pool, gym are also not recommended.
If the rehabilitation period after the permanent makeup falls on the hot summer, it is necessary to protect the sensitive tattooed area against the direct sun rays. For maximum protection even after the complete healing, the floppy hat will be suitable, the sunglasses and the sun-block cream with the SPF within 50-80.

4. How does the saline sea water affect the fresh permanent makeup?

The healed and consolidated tattooing will never be washed off by the seawater, meaning that the happy owners of the permanent makeup will always look gorgeous. However, the fresh permanent should never contact with the seawater, the impact of which during the rehabilitation period slows down the healing process and evokes the irritation and itchiness.

5. What are the key advantages of the permanent makeup/ tattooing over the decorative makeup?

Permanent makeup/tattooing is the universal procedure, which allows simultaneous solving of several issues: Hides the skin defects (scars in the brows area), underlines the natural woman’s beauty and saves the heap of time for the everyday morning makeup.
Advantages of the tattooing methods over the decorative makeup:
– possibility to look gorgeous during day and night;
– long-time makeup is waterproof, therefore, allows resting at various aqua-resorts;
– ideal distinct lines, necessary for the ideal makeup, unfortunately are not possible to achieve from the first try, and this is very time-consuming, while in case of the permanent makeup, it is enough to apply the cream to the face skin, gloss to the lips and your unforgettable look is ready;
– tattooing appropriately hides some visible defects of your appearance, such as the weakly expressed lips contour, brows, scant eyebrows, scars within the tattooing areas;
– permanent makeup will protect you against the allergic reactions to the decorative makeup;
– You will protect your skin from the excessive hyperextension during the everyday wash-off of the liberal amount of makeup.

For the last time the permanent makeup has become very popular among the brides-to-be and this can easily be explained. The tattooing at the wedding will allow the brides to have a good hearty laugh without any concerns about their makeup enjoying the most unforgettable moments of life. The fear for the preservation of contour and color of your lips will not hinder the tender kisses with your favored one.

permanent makeup at the wedding

6. Is it possible to do the permanent makeup at home?

Most frequently, for the purpose of economizing many look for the way of making the procedure cheaper and, without understanding that the consequences can me much more expensive, go to the trouble-specialists’ home. The antiseptic conditions, low level of professionalism, threaten your health and even life – this is what is waiting for the careless and unreasonably saving home-services lovers.

You should remember that the permanent makeup is the procedure which infringes the integrity of the skin covering, which leads to the regeneration period. Therefore, such manipulations are necessary to be performed only in the specialized rooms where all sanitary and epidemiological rules are followed. Besides, the qualification of specialist who performs the tattooing is not unimportant. The layman who works in the insanitary conditions or the qualified master in the sterile conditions – you should choose.

Besides, the cheap, non-certified pigments may change the color totally unexpectedly, if not right after the procedure, then after some time.
Non-professional tattooing threatens the uneven contour (the eyebrows asymmetry, the asymmetry of lips and eyes contour), poor knowledge of the fundamentals of coloristics may result in unexpected color and all this will be quite difficult and expensive to correct.

Permanent makeup selected and performed by the experienced specialist may make you beautiful and vice versa – the incorrectly selected form and color will make your appearance repugnant.

7. Is the tattooing safe and what is the autoclave necessary for?


First and foremost – the autoclave and safety are the synonyms in case of applying the permanent makeup to any area of the skin.
The procedure may be considered safe and the client’s health – fully protected only on condition of following all the necessary regulations of hygiene and sterilization.

Permanent makeup is the procedure during which the special machine with the replaceable nozzles is used. With their aid the necessary pigments are injected into the skin, and, naturally, in the places of the tattooing the integrity of the skin covering is infringed.

First of all, arrange your visit to the beauty salon where all the sanitary and epidemiological rules are followed, necessary for rendering such services. And this, for sure, is the availability of autoclave, disposable gloves, skin antiseptics, specially equipped premises. If you ignore this, the risk of infecting during the tattooing increases, which may lead to a number of unfavorable consequences – moral, physical and material.

Before booking the procedure it is mandatory to ask the specialist about the availability of autoclave and everything mentioned above, which guarantees the safe application of the permanent makeup.

8. Permanent makeup – is it painful?

This procedure may hardly be considered pleasant, but in this case the obtained result can be a serious argumentation to suffer a bit.
During the permanent makeup the integrity of the skin cover is infringed, which results in the pain. Nowadays this is not a problem, since there is a huge amount of anesthetic medicines. At the specialized places where the professionals work, they will always choose the appropriate anesthetic and will do everything for the procedure to be maximum comfortable and painless for the patient.
The beauty salon OASIS BEAUTY&SPA offers you all types of permanent makeup with the application of the anesthetics performed by the highly-qualified personnel with the work experience of more than 10 years.

9. What is the cost of the permanent makeup or tattooin?

We all know that the price and quality go hand-in-hand. During the formation of price to the permanent makeup first of all the following factors are taken into account: the level of the salon, its localization, the level of the proficiency and experience of the specialists, equipment with the help of which the procedure is conducted, the agents, availability of autoclave and specialized room.

We all want to have a maximum effect and safety, having paid as little as possible. Unfortunately, this is impossible. The qualified experienced specialists will never perform the work which is many hours long for the price offered by the laymen working from home. Even the decent specialist without the mentioned autoclave, specially equipped room and devices will not be able to give any warranties of safety for this manipulation.

The conditions of conducting the permanent makeup shall comply with all the requirements and sanitary norms: Convenient therapy bed for the client, chair for the specialist, equipment which allows performing the most complex tattooing techniques, lighting, autoclave and other sterilization means, consumables. These are the factors you should be governed with when choosing the place for the procedure and defining the acceptable price for it.
The beauty salon OASIS BEAUTY&SPA in Krakow offers you the specialized room, professional specialists for the permanent makeup at the acceptable prices.

Only permanent makeup of the brows, lips and eyelids can make you look gorgeous at any occasion!

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