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Salon Oasis – Best Beauty&Spa Studio in Krakow

Our prestigious OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON, with its rich offer of treatments, is located in the heart of Kraków, in the famous Kazimierz, in a convenient location for both residents and tourists visiting the city. Since it was established in January 2016, we have gained a large group of customers, both from Kraków and visitors. Facebook and TripadvisorOASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON offers a wide range of cosmetic services and SPA treatments which ensure a beautiful appearance, good mood and well-being.

At OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON, in addition to numerous beauty treatments, we also offer various types of hairdresser services. Our hairdressers and stylists use professional cosmetics from JOICO and PAUL MITCHELL and they will make your hair shine, give it a healthy structure and beautiful colour. Our wide range of treatments include: K-PAK keratin hair reconstruction, COCOCHOCO keratin hair straightening, LUMISHINE JOICO hair colouring and a wide range of hair SPA beauty treatments for men and women. We also sell our clients the highest quality hairdressing products for home use.

At OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON we perform manicures and hand SPA treatments. The wide range of professional treatments includes various types of manicures, including classic, milling, hybrid, titanium, Brazilian or Japanese. For enthusiasts of spectacular nails we offer extensions using the gel method and all kinds of styling using products from OPI.

OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON also takes care of the health and beauty of your feet. We perform classic, milling and Brazilian pedicures. For foot treatment and SPA we use the products of reputable companies: GEWOHL, OPI, FOOTLOGIX, which our clients can also buy from us for home care.At OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON we know how important the condition of the entire body is, so we perform professional massages and body wrapping treatments using different preparations and films.

Our offer includes a classic massage, sports massage, therapy massage, back massage, 4-hand massage, hot-cold stone massage, relaxation massage, anti-stress massage, aromatherapy massage, massage with shea butter, massage with hot chocolate, herbal stamp massage, massage with warm candle, Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, massage with bamboo whisks and chopsticks, prenatal massage (for pregnant women), anti-cellulite massage, Chinese cupping massage, honey massage. We also offer massages for couples – in different configurations – during which the treatments are done to two people at the same time.

At OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON, thanks to the hair removal method using wax or sugar paste, we will make sure that your skin is smooth and free of unwanted hairs. We work with the best cosmetics DEPILEVE and ALEXANDRIA.

At OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON we will make your eyebrows and eyelashes beautiful, which will make your eyes look vivid, fantastic and unique. We offer eyebrow modelling using tweezers or wax, eyebrow coloration – henna and semi-permanent dye. We lengthen eyelashes using different methods and perform curling treatments, so-called eyelashes perm.

At OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON we offer facials, among them: manual cleansing, cavitation peeling, sonophoresis, Darsonvalization, anti-aging facial, treatments using various types of acids, masks, peels and many other treatments using preparations of the companies CHRISTINA ISRAEL or DOTTORE POLAND.

At OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON, in addition to classic cosmetology methods, we offer treatments using innovative equipment. The use of the latest technological achievements in cosmetics makes it possible to quickly achieve excellent effects of treatments for the face and body.

RF waves is a treatment that painlessly and non-invasively reduces wrinkles, shapes, tones, tightens the skin, produces new collagen.
Ultrasonic liposuction is one of the most effective methods of non-invasive and painless removal of excessive deposits of fat, intensely modelling selected parts of the body, effectively reducing body size, and correcting cellulite.

Carbosyntheraphy is an innovative treatment using carbon dioxide, which is safe, minimally invasive and clinically proven. This is a great way to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin, reduce wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks and scars, as well as stimulate hair growth.

OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON also offers its clients pressotherapy treatment.
By using a special garment placed on different parts of the body, lymphatic drainage is performed, which enhances the circulation of body fluids, so that harmful toxins and waste products rapidly escape from the body. Pressotherapy is recommended also for the reduction of cellulite, skin firming and slimming the figure.
OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON has a special offer for clients – it organizes bachelorette parties. Make your bachelorette party unique.

Currently, there are many different variants for organizing bachelorette parties, from an ordinary celebration at home to a male strip show and dancing until dawn at a club. OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON offers a completely different way to spend your bachelorette party. This day can be absolutely unique and exactly the way you want it. Spend your bachelorette party with your best friends at OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON. On this special evening, you get to completely relax with a glass of champagne and goodies, and all the different kinds and colours of face masks will look fun in photographs and will be long remembered.

In a wide range of services offered by our OASIS BEAUTY & SPA, we offer you GIFT VOUCHERS / GIFT CERTIFICATES.

Present some  moments of beauty and relaxation to your lovey on the occasion of the nameday, birthday, holidays, Valentine’s day, Women’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day and even for no reason.

Our VOUCHERS / GIFT CERTIFICATES can be used for facials, body spa, manicure, pedicure, makeup, massage, SPA therapy or hair services.

We offer two types of GIFT VOUCHERS:

– VOUCHERS FOR SELECTED SERVICES – in this variant it is possible to write in  selected treatment or  series of treatments. This offer is ideal for those who wants to get the full effect of the gift already at the time of its giving.

– CERTAIN AMOUNT VOUCHERS – this offer with pleasure is chosen by clients who is not sure about the preferences of the receivers. This variant allows to the owner of the voucher to choose a treatment for a certain amount.  In this way, you receive a guarantee that your gift will be used in the best way.

The difference between the cost of treatment and cost of GIFT VOUCHER you can actualize during the term of  validity of this voucher, whereas if the cost of chosen treatment is higher than the cost of GIFT VOUCHER, the difference must be paid on the spot.

 VOUCHER Use Policy:

  1. VOUCHER can not be exchanged for cash equivalents or cosmetics.
  2. Services can not be exchanged for other services.
  3. VOUCHER can be registered or payable to bearer.
  4. The validity period of VOUCHER can not be extended.
  5. All services must be booked early.
  6. The availability of our services is limited by current strings.
  7. The recommended early booking is min. 7 days.
  8. In the absence of cancellation of booked services, VOUCHER is  used.

Professional and pleasant staff of  OASIS BEAUTY & SPA  in Krakow will make your stay here  a time of rest, relaxation and real pleasure.

Choose OASIS BEAUTY&SPA SALON for your bachelorette party and we will take care of the rest in a way that will make you happy. Our SPA experts will make the future Bride feel like a QUEEN by the end of the night.


Spa Salon Oasis Beauty&Spa in Krakow

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