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Manicure & pedicure in Krakow

Manicure And Pedicure In Krakow, Oasis Beauty&Spa

Nails can tell a lot about a person. To finish up the women’s and also men’s neat image you need perfect manicure and pedicure. Some women like their nails long, some like nail extensions, some like them short, yet everyone understands the beauty of having well groomed and styled nails. Not only the nails but also the gentle and thin skin of your hands needs protection and care. Daily use of creams and moisturizing products are not enough for your skin you need proper hand spa procedures once in a while. Advantages of a salon manicure pedicure and hand care procedures are the quality of the products (OPI cosmetics), the safety and sterility of the instrument and only at best beauty salon in Krakow, you will be offered the best nail styling ideas and nail designs.
At our nail spa studio Oasis, we offer you a number top notch nail services in Krakow, such as Spa manicure, Hybrid manicure, Manicure shellac, Classic pedicure, Titanium manicure and pedicure, OPI manicure and etc. All the procedures are done with OPI brand which offers the ultimate hand and nail care products. OPI is the popular choice by many professional beauticians. It is non-toxic, comes in diverse themes and colors, celebrities endorse this brand, the application process takes a few minutes, non-damaging to the nail and Easy to remove. Nail artists working at Oasis Beauty&Spa are certified at leading professional beauty schools and continue improving their skills by participating in different trainings and workshops. Come and get a manicure and a professional pedicure in Krakow for the most affordable prices.

Spa Salon Oasis Beauty&Spa in Krakow

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