Lip Tattoo in Krakow

Permanent Make up

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1. Lip line 90 min. 650 zł.
2. Lip line with 1/4 shading 120 min. 750 zł.
3. Lip line with 1/3 shading 120 min. 850 zł.
4. 3D effect – full lip shading 180 min. 900 zł.
5. Lip volumazing (the line over border with full shading) 200 min. 1000 zł.
6. Upgrading failed tattoos (done at another salon) 200 min. 1000 zł.
7. The primary correction after any type of tattoo is executed unless and until one month after application, but not later than three months. If you did this procedure at our salon, you have to pay only 60% from the original cost.
8. Correction during the year after the procedure will cost 70% of the price
9. Correction before 2 years will cost 80% of the price.
10. Correction before 3 years will cost 90% of the price.

We take the maximum time for each procedure, considering all physiological features of the client: pain limit, increased tear secretion, big asymmetry of eyebrows, eyes or lips.

Salon OASIS BEAUTY&SPA zastrzega sobie prawo do zmiany powyższych cen i czasu wykonywania zbiegów, w zależności od ich stopnia trudności i indywidualnych cech klienta.

Before any procedure you can find out the final cost of it from our specialists.
All procedures are performed with local anesthesia, if necessary.
All permanent make-up specialists of our OASIS BEAUTY & SPA have decades of experience.

During the application of the permanent make-up to the lips the client must be in a sitting position on a special chair or lying on the treatment couch and, sometimes, standing on one’s head. If it may become a problem due to some reasons, perhaps this type of service go against you and it will be better to hold back from it.

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