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Skin procedures in Krakow: oily, problem, sensitive, with symptoms of ACNE and couperosis.

Pielęgnacja skóry

  1. “COMODEX” is a medical line for oily, problem skin with ACNE. (Includes: 9 products and 2 manipulations/ – cleansing gel, scrubbing, Alpha-Beta Peel, Heating Solution – warming lotion, “Ultrasonic peeling / manual cleansing / face massage” – upon to therapeutic reasons, Treatment Lotion – antiseptic , Lightening Solution – lightening lotion, antiseptic mask, pore minimizing mask, darsonvalization, mattifying cream).

    Face ( 70 min.) – 230zł.
    Back ( 80 min.) – 330zł.

  2. “ROSSATORE XPRESS” – adaptogene procedure for skin: couperosis, sensitive, spongy skin with ACNE. (Includes: skin cleansing, peeling with 20% lactic acid and 3% arginine, post.peel lotion., Adaptogene serum, sonophoresis, anti-inflammatory “rossatore” mask, anti-redness cream). It is recommended 4-6 procedures with an interval of 2 weeks. The procedure can be performed without distinction of season.

    Face ( 40min.) – 180 zł.
    Back ( 50 min.) – 250zł.

  3. “Bio Phyto” is a complex skin care: sensitive, with acne symptoms and couperosis, for women and men of any age. (Includes: make-up remover, “ultrasonic peeling / facial massage” – upon to therapeutic reasons, herbal tonic, Herbal Peel – herbal peeling, Zaatar mask with soothing effect or Anti Rougeurs mask with vitamin “K” – upon to therapeutic reasons, darsonvalization, protective cream).

    Face ( 70 min.) – 230zł.

  4. “Rose de Mer” – 100% natural plant product based on the Red Sea corals, is an alternative for chemical peelings.
    INDICATIONS: fading skin, mimic wrinkles, pigmentation, photoaging, spongy skin, post acne. Coral peeling “Ros de Mer” is recommended for any skin types and any age, can be performed at any season. (Includes: make-up disinfecting soap, coral peeling + lotion-activator, soothing mask – at the discretion of the cosmetologist, post.peel.gel, post.peel.cream).

    Face (30 min.) – 300zł
    Face and neck (35 min.) – 350zł
    Back (40 min.) – 400 zł

  5. “MIGDAŁ 40%” Almond acid 40% peeling.
    RECOMMENDED: for problem, oily, spongy skin with pigmentation and “Acne”. Suitable for both women and men. (Includes: make-up remover, pre-peeling lotion, delicate inunction of almond acid 40% on the all surface, it is possible to apply an additional layer of peeling in places with hyperkeratosis, the time of exposure depends on the skin condition, washed off with water and dabbed dry, if irritation or burning we apply the lotion – neutralizer, the rests of which are washed off with water, if necessary, we apply a cream s.o.s., protective cream). It is recommended 4-6 procedures with an interval of 7-10 days, without distinction of season.

    Face (30 min.) – 150zł
    Back (40 min.) – 200zł

Also you can buy products which are individually chose by our beauty experts.
Products for home skin care: oily, problem, sensitive, with ACNE symptoms and couperosis.

– Comodex.
– BioPhito.
– Ros de Mer.
– Rossatore Xpress.

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