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Cleansing treatments for all skin types in Krakow


  1. Ultrasonic skin cleansing: face/ neck/ decollete.
    (Includes: make-up remover, warming lotion, ultrasonic cleansing, antiseptic lotion, pore minimizing mask, darsonvalization, individually selected mask, cream of type of skin).

    Face (60 min.) -200zł.
    Face and neck (65 min.) -220zł.
    Face, neck, decollete (70 min.) -240zł.

  2. Hygienic / therapeutic cleansing of face, back. (Includes: skin cleansing, warming lotion, manual cleansing, antiseptic lotion, darsonvalization, therapeutic mask, pore minimizing mask, therapeutic cream).

    Face (60 min.) -200zł.
    Back (70 min.) – 300zł.

Additional options to the procedures:

  1. Ultrasonic peeling is performed as a mono procedure and can be an addition to the Hygienic/Medical face or back cleansing. (Includes: make-up remover, ultrasonic gel applying and ultrasonic peeling). It is recommended in combination with enzymatic peeling, individualized face masks, d’Arsonval.

    Mono procedure (15 min.) – 50 zł.
    As an addition ( 10 min.) – 40 zł.

  2. Enzymatic peeling is recommended as an addition before ultrasonic peeling, sonophoresis and masks for more careful skin cleansing. (Includes: make-up remover, peeling applying with a light inunction and rinsing).

    (10 min.) -30 zł.

  3. Sonophoresis – is performed as a mono procedure and can be an additional option to any kind of face cleansing. (Includes: applying the necessary serum “ampoule”, inserting it into the deep dermis with the help of ultrasonic vibrations).

    Mono procedure (15 min.) -80 zł.
    As an addition (10 min.) – 60 zł.

  4. Masks: cream/algal „alginate” – recommended as an addition after enzymatic and ultrasonic peeling, sonophoresis. (Includes: applying and washing off the mask).
    Stock list of cream masks: strawberry (for normal skin), vanilla (for dry), apple (for combined), azulene (for sensitive), “Porcelan” moisturizing (for all skin types), mud (for oily, problem skin).
    “Alginate” algal masks: anti-inflammatory, lifting, anti-aging, moisturizing, clear.

    (20 min.) -40 zł.

  5. Darsonvalization of the skin: face / neck / back / hairy part of the head – is performed as a mono procedure and may be an additional option to all procedures. Effect: anti-inflammatory, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels, improves skin color. (Includes: cleansing of necessary skin areas, darsonvalization).

    ( 10 min.) – 20zł.

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