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Correction of pigmentation and photo-aging of the skin in Krakow.

Korekcja przebarwień

      1. “FluorOxygen + C” is a procedure for rejuvenation, moisturizing and lightening of the skin. Recommended for women and men. (Includes: cleansing scrub, balancing tonic, clarifying exfoliator, enzyme powder with vitamin C + activator and its application, rebalancing lotion, isotonic sea spray, face and neck massage, soothing mask with clarifying effect, alginate mask – according to indications, protective cream.

        Face (60 min.) – 260zł.
        Face and neck (65 min.) – 280zł.
        Face, neck, decollete (70 min.) – 300zł.

      2. “Rose de Mer” – 100% natural plant product based on the Red Sea corals, is an alternative for chemical peelings.
        INDICATIONS: fading skin, mimic wrinkles, pigmentation, photoaging, spongy skin, post acne. Coral peeling “Ros de Mer” is recommended for any skin types and any age, can be performed at any season. (Includes: make-up disinfecting soap, coral peeling + lotion-activator, soothing mask – at the discretion of the cosmetologist, post.peel.gel, post.peel.cream).

        Face (30 min.) – 300zł
        Face and neck (35 min.) – 350zł
        Back ( 40 min.) – 400zł

      3. «Migdał Antiox» – Peeling with 40% almond acid + powder with 56% vitamin C.
        RECOMMENDED: for improving the complexion, refreshing, clarifying and giving a natural shine, it helps to regenerate the skin. Is suitable for women and men. (Includes: make-up remover, pree.peel. Lotion, 40% almond acid (2/1) with antioxidant powder 56% vitamin C, post.peel. lotion-neutralizer, if necessary we use cream s.o.s, post.peel cream). It is recommended 4-6 procedures with an interval of 7-10 days. The procedure can be performed at any time of the year.

        Face (30min.) – 170 zł.
        Face and neck (35 min.) – 200 zł.
        Face, neck, decollete (40 min.) – 230 zł.

    Also you can buy products which are individually chose by our beauty experts.

    Home products:
    – FluorOxygen + C.
    – Rosе de Mer.
    – San Screen.

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