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Decorative make-up in Krakow


1. Day make-up 60 min. 120 zł.
2. Evening make-up 90 min. 150 zł.
3. Graduation prom make-up 90 min. 160 zł.
4. New year make-up 90 min. 170 zł.
5. Bridal make-up 120 min. 200 zł.
6. Bridal make-up, test (Each next 30 minutes + 30 zl.) 60 min. 120 zł.
7. False eyelashes, price for one cluster 3 min. zł.
8. Edge false eyelashes, price for both eyes 10 min. 50 zł.
9. Session work at the client’s place – + 100 zl. To the basic price of the chosen make-up.

We take the maximum time for each procedure, considering all physiological features of the client: increased tear secretion, big asymmetry of eyebrows, eyes or lips, lack of perseverance of the client.

The final price of the make-up depends on your choice and perhaps on your wish to add something to the standard option, for example, by making false lashes.
OASIS BEAUTY&SPA reserves the right to change prices, listed above, and time of the procedures, depending on the complexity of the work and individual characteristics of the client.
Before any procedure you can find out the final cost of it from our specialists.

If you ever had a hypersensitivity reaction to any cosmetic products including decorative, inform your make-up designer about it before the procedure without fail.

During the application of the decorative make-up the client must be in a sitting position on a special chair or lying on the treatment couch and, sometimes, standing on one’s head. If it may become a problem due to some reasons, perhaps this type of service go against you and it will be better to hold back from it.

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