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Eyebrows & eyelashes for woman in Krakow

Przedłużanie rzęs


1. Primary eyebrow correction 20min. 30 zł
2. Eyebrow tweezers 15min. 20 zł
3. Waxing eyebrow 15min. 25 zł
4. Eyebrows coloring 20min. 20 zł
5. Eyelashes coloring 20min. 30 zł
6. Eyebrow correction, eyelashes and eyebrow coloring 40min. 60 zł
7. Long- term eyelashes curling 60min. 80 zł
8. Lamination of eyelashes + botox ( with coloring) 60min. 140 zł
9. Lamination of eyebrows + botox ( with coloring) 60min. 120 zł
10. Lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows + botox ( with coloring) 90min. 260 230 zł

Eyelash extension

Przedłużanie rzęs

Eyelash extensions

1. Eyelash extensions method 1:1 (one false eyelash to one natural) 120min 200 zł
2. Eyelash extensions method 1:2 (two false eyelashes to one natural) 140min 260 zł
3. Eyelash extensions method 1:3 (three false eyelashes to one natural) 160min 300 zł
4. Volume method (more than three false eyelashes to one natural) 180min 350 zł

Eyelash correction

We make eyelash correction up to 3 weeks. After 3 weeks – complete dissection and new extensions.

1 Eyelash correction method 1:1 90min 120 zł
2 Eyelash correction method 1:2 110min 160 zł
3 Eyelash correction method 1:3 130min 190 zł
4 Eyelash correction volume method 150min 250 zł


5 Eyelashes removing 30min 50 zł
Spooly brush after eyelash extensions Gift

We offer a wide range of household products for eyelashes and euebrows.

We recommend the products of the well-known company RevitaLash: ADVANCED eyelash conditioner, also RevitaBrow ADVANCED eyebrows that stimulate growth. RevitaLash Volumizing Maskara Raven– carcass with biotin, non-allergenic, nutritious. We also offer RevitaLash LASH PERFECTION GIFT COLLECTION kits at very nice prices.

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