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Basic eyebrow correction

time30 – 45 min.

If we talk about the visual appeal of women the first thing that comes to mind – are eyes. However, few of us know that eyebrows create maximum emphasis eyes. That is why eyes become more attractive. The right shape of the eyebrows helps to hide fatigue, your look becomes younger and more resilient.

Salon BEAUTY & SPA OASIS offers a primary service of eyebrow correction. Thanks to professional makeup artists, you will be able to choose the actual contour of eyebrows, which is ideal for your face type in our salon. Specialists will make significant adjustments of eyebrows and fix their shape.

The basis of the correction of eyebrows is included the possibility of a clear indication of the limits. Every woman has her own individual shape of the eyebrows. Makeup artists have to work with each individual case in a particular scenario.

Eyebrow allows your appearance to acquire expressiveness and originality. For example, the arched eyebrows rejuvenate the face and give it a greater saturation. Dense and thick eyebrows can enhance the strict forms of the face and add to the image a business note.

One of the important elements in the correction of eyebrows is the length and height of the eyebrows. Considered, that ideal brows begin and end in the certain points. You should visit our professionals of OASIS to make your eyebrows correctly. Skilled makeup artists of our salon will be able to determine the necessary points and without mistakes conduct correction of your eyebrows.

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