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Facial rejuvenation and hydration in Krakow: eyes, face, neck, decollete.


    1. Forever Young – antiaging treatment,for all skin types and is recommended for both women and men. (Includes: cleansing gel, skin preparation lotion for peeling, red wine peeling moisturizing mask-base, massage, bio-serum-activator to lifting-powder, application of activated bio-powder, moisturizing “shine” mask, ice balls massage, antiaging serum, waterproof day cream SPF 40).

      Face and eyes (60 min) – 280 zł 
      Face, eyes and neck (65min) – 300 zł 
      Face, eyes, neck, decollete (70 min) – 330 zł 

    2. Wish – line of products to correct age-related skin changes after 40 years, recommended for both women and men. (Includes: make-up remover, microemulsion tonic, anti-aging exofoliant, anti-aging serum, microemulsion for complex recovery, massage, firming mask, alginate revitalizing mask, serum for eyes and neck skin tightening, protective day cream).

      Face (60 min) – 260 zł 
      Face and neck  (75min) – 280 zł 
      Face, neck, decollete (90 min) – 300 zł 

    3. Silk – instant lifting effect and nourishing. Products of this line: smooth the texture, tightening, moisturize and lift the skin. Recommended for women and men. (Includes: make-up remover, exofoliant, active tonic, base mask, application of silk fibers and activator for them, massage, multivitamin drops, remodeling mask, silk serum).

      Face (60 min) – 280zł 
      Face and neck (65 min) – 320zł 
      Face, neck, decollete (70min) – 340zł 

Also you can buy products which are individually chose by our beauty experts.
Products for home skin care with anti-aging and moisturizing effects:
– Forever Your.
– Wish.
– Silk

Eye contour care.


  1. “Silk shine” – a procedure for the skin around the eyes, suitable for all skin types, for men and women.
    (Includes: makeup removal by hypoallergenic milk, wine peeling, chilled balls massage, nourishing mask with grape extract, light massage, antiedemic algal lifting mask and active anti-aging serum). It is recommended as a mono procedure and as an addition to any types of massage.

Mono procedure (45 min) – 150 zł
Addition (30 min) – 120 zł

Also you can buy products which are individually chose by our beauty experts.
Eye contour care home products:
– Chateau de beaute.
– Forever Young.
– Unstress.
– Wish.
– Silk.

Additional options to procedures:

  1. Sonophoresis – is performed as a mono procedure and can be an additional option to any types of massages, coupled with ultrasonic and enzymatic peelings. (Includes: : make-up remover, applying the necessary serum “ampoule”, inserting it into the deep dermis with the help of ultrasonic vibrations).

    Mono procedure (15 min) – 80 zł 
    Addition (10min) – 70 zł 

  2. Darsonvalization of the skin: face / neck / back / hairy part of the head – is performed as a mono procedure and may be an additional option to all types of massages. Effect: anti-inflammatory, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels, improves skin color. (Includes: cleansing of necessary skin areas, darsonvalization)

    (10 min) – 30 zł 

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