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Facial rejuvenation and hydration in Krakow: eyes, face, neck, decollete.


  1. Forever Young – antiaging treatment,for all skin types and is recommended for both women and men. (Includes: cleansing gel, skin preparation lotion for peeling, red wine peeling moisturizing mask-base, massage, bio-serum-activator to lifting-powder, application of activated bio-powder, moisturizing “shine” mask, ice balls massage, antiaging serum, waterproof day cream SPF 40).

    Face and eyes ( 60 min. ) – 260zł.
    Face, eyes and neck (65min.) – 280zł.
    Face, eyes, neck, decollete (70 min.) – 300zł.

  2. Wish – line of products to correct age-related skin changes after 40 years, recommended for both women and men. (Includes: make-up remover, microemulsion tonic, anti-aging exofoliant, anti-aging serum, microemulsion for complex recovery, massage, firming mask, alginate revitalizing mask, serum for eyes and neck skin tightening, protective day cream).

    Face (60 min.) – 260zł
    Face and neck  (65min.) – 280zł
    Face, neck, decollete (70 min.) – 300zł

  3. Silk – instant lifting effect and nourishing. Products of this line: smooth the texture, tightening, moisturize and lift the skin. Recommended for women and men. (Includes: make-up remover, exofoliant, active tonic, base mask, application of silk fibers and activator for them, massage, multivitamin drops, remodeling mask, silk serum).

    Face (60 min.) – 270zł.
    Face and neck (65 min.) – 300zł.
    Face, neck, decollete (70min.) – 330zł.

  4. NMF XPRESS “NATURAL MOISTURIZING FACTOR” – is a procedure for dry, dehydrated, fading skin. Recommended for women and men. (Includes: make-up remover, acid peeling applying, post.peel. if necessary, moisturizing serum, moisturizing mask, cream). It is recommended 4-6 procedures with an interval of 7 days without distinction of season.

    Face (30 min.) – 150zł
    Face and neck (35 min.) – 180zł
    Face, neck, decollete (40 min.) – 200zł

  5. Glycolic peeling 25%.
    Recommended: for fading skin with the first signs of aging. Suitable for both women and men. (Includes: make-up remover, pre-peeling lotion, application of acid peeling, delicate inunction with massage movements, on particularly problematic areas of the skin, can be applied repeatedly, the time of exposure increases with each next procedure and depends on the skin condition, in case of too active reaction used post-peel, if necessary – soothing s.o.s. cream, post-peel cream). It is recommended 5-6 procedures with an interval of 7-14 days. Favorable time for peeling: spring-autumn.

    Face (25 min.) – 170zł
    Face and neck (30 min.) – 190zł
    Face, neck, decollete (35min.) – 220zł

  6. “RETINO BOOSTER” for mature skin with pronounced signs of aging. Recommended for both women and men.
    (Includes: make-up remover, lotion pre-peel, protective oil application on sensitive face areas, delicate inunction of 15% vitamin C peeling until it completely dry, in case of too active reaction used post-peel. (washed off with water and dabbed dry with napkins), retinol mask 4%, 10 minutes massage by mask (not washed off the skin for 6-8 hours after the procedure.) It is recommended to perform the reinstating procedure on the 4-5th day after peeling to purify the skin of the remains of peeling. The course of procedures is 4- 5 with an interval at least 21 days. The best time for this procedure: autumn-spring.

    Face (30 min.) – 200zł.
    Face and neck (35 min.) – 230zł.
    Face, neck, decollete (40 min.) – 250zł.

Also you can buy products which are individually chose by our beauty experts.
Products for home skin care with anti-aging and moisturizing effects:
– Forever Your.
– Wish.
– Silk

Eye contour care.


  1. “Silk shine” – a procedure for the skin around the eyes, suitable for all skin types, for men and women.
    (Includes: makeup removal by hypoallergenic milk, wine peeling, chilled balls massage, nourishing mask with grape extract, light massage, antiedemic algal lifting mask and active anti-aging serum). It is recommended as a mono procedure and as an addition to any types of massage.

Mono procedure (60 min.) – 120 zł
Addition (60 min.) – 100 zł

Also you can buy products which are individually chose by our beauty experts.
Eye contour care home products:
– Chateau de beaute.
– Forever Young.
– Unstress.
– Wish.
– Silk.

Additional options to procedures:

  1. Sonophoresis – is performed as a mono procedure and can be an additional option. (Includes: make-up removal, applying the necessary serum “ampoule”, inserting it into the deep dermis with the help of ultrasonic vibrations).

    Mono procedure (15 min.) – 80 zł.
    Addition (10 min.) – 60 zł.

  2. Darsonvalization of the skin: face / neck / back / hairy part of the head – is performed as a mono procedure and may be an additional option to all types of massages. Effect: anti-inflammatory, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels, improves skin color. (Includes: cleansing of necessary skin areas, darsonvalization).

    ( 10 min.) – 20zł.

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