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Hot stone – massage with hot basalt stones in Krakow

time30/60/90 min.

Massage With Hot Basalt Stones waiting for you at Oasis Beauty&Spa

This past few years stone therapy that is to say massage with rocks has become very popular. When talking about stone therapy many people wonder what is massage with stones exactly. This kind of spa procedure is a hot rock treatment that involves using specific natural stones such as basalt stones. Massage with stones techniques include putting hot stones along the spine on the chakra spots to open them up and improve energy flow in the body. Experiences that the client can have during the therapy are not sleepiness, but a feeling of floating and weightlessness which later when the procedure is over turns into muscle relaxation and overall wellness.

Hot Basalt Stone massage prices in Krakow

Our professional massage therapists who continuously improve their skills and knowledge will help you experience all the benefits of hot basalt stone massage in the atmosphere of complete relaxation and calmness. At Oasis Beauty&Spa massage with rocks cost is the most reasonable for its exquisite service. To know massage with stones price click here.

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What Will Massage With Hot Stones Give You At Oasis Beauty&Spa

Stone therapy came from Asia where people believed in the magical healing powers of magical stones. Although they are far from magical, yet the stones have real healing effects on human organism. Stone therapy benefits include:
• Body and mind relaxation
• Muscle strain relief
• Reduction of spine pain and feeling of heaviness
• Treatment of headache, fatigue, and insomnia
• Heals depression and mood swings
• Improvement of metabolism

At Oasis Beauty&Spa massage salon our masseur, in the accompany of special relaxing spa music, will use innovative massage techniques to help actually get all the benefits stone therapy gives, forget about your mandane problems, and become one with the nature.

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