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Chocolate Massage in Krakow

time60/90 min.

Special Chocolate Massage at Oasis Beauty&Spa

Everyone loves eating chocolate because it’s tasty, but did you know that it is also rich in vitamins and minerals. And not only that, recent research shows that chocolate is good a for getting toxins out of the body. This is why professionals started using chocolate for massage purposes. Not only this is a massage procedure, but in a sense, chocolate aromatherapy. So what is chocolate massage and how to do a chocolate massage? During chocolate massage all the biologically active spots on the body being worked, starting from the feet and going gradually up and then the client gets wrapped in chocolate being really good for seasonal diseases which is one of many benefits of chocolate massage. Other chocolate massage effects may include pain relief in spine, cellulite reduction and muscle relaxation.

Prices For Chocolate Massage at Oasis Beauty&Spa

We offer best chocolate massage aromatherapy, only with the best specialist and professionals in their job, amazing atmosphere of harmony for the best price available in Krakow. To see chocolate massage price click here.

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Sweet Chocolate Massage At Oasis Beauty&Spa

At Oasis Beauty&Spa our top class specialists will perform the best chocolate massage in Krakow. This sweet massage procedure will make you feel rejuvenated, happy and relaxed. And if you have a partner you can book a spa package for couples and enjoy this incredible experience together. Why not plan a spa weekend and relax after the stressful week. The relaxing smell of chocolate, special spa music and the skillful hand of our therapist will help you feel physical wellness and happiness.

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