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Honey facial massage

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Honey facial massage is a very sophisticated and excellent treatment, which can only be obtained from high-class specialists. For example, at the OASIS BEAUTY & SPA salon, the Honey Facial Massage was still used by Cleopatra. Honey has been used for health and beauty since the advent of mankind.

What are the benefits of a honey facial massage?


Masaż miodowy twarzy

All women are beautiful from birth. But over time, negative environmental factors, stress, alcohol, smoking, bad food and sleep deprivation start to have a bad effect on the state of our skin and our appearance. And every woman knows how difficult it is, due to our ecology, constant overload and lack of sleep, to look good and maintain an attractive appearance. To prolong a state of youth and beauty, you must seek help from the forces of nature.

A honey facial massage is certainly helpful. Honey contains many useful substances: these include enzymes, antioxidants; phytoncides; biologically active substances; vitamins; mineral salts, etc.

In the process of massage, the skin’s vessels are strengthened, its firmness is increased, and its elasticity, skin turgor is improved

Indications for the Honey Facial Massage treatment

  • fading of dry dull skin
  • fine wrinkles
  • dark circles and “bags” under the eyes
  • sagging facial soft tissue
  • flaking of the skin

Thanks to the honey facial massage:

  • clogged pores are cleaned;
  • dead cells are removed;
  • improves blood circulation in facial tissues;
  • faster skin regeneration and renewal processes;
  • the skin begins to “breathe” better and becomes saturated with oxygen;
  • skin becomes more receptive to care, intensively absorbs nutrients and vitamins;
  • dark circles are eliminated, the formation of wrinkles is slowed down;
  • facial muscle tension is removed, the muscles are tightened (thus skin elasticity is increased and the contours and oval of the face are restored);
  • the skin is smoothed;
  • nasal sinuses are cleared:
  • headaches disappear.

Technique for performing a honey facial massage at the OASIS BEAUTY & SPA

Before starting the honey facial massage, make-up removal is carried out. Our masters warm up the skin by gently and slowly stroking and occasionally pressing with their fingers along the massage lines: from the centre near the forehead to its edge, from the chin to the upper cheekbones, from the nasolabial furrow to the temples, from the nose to the cheeks. They then change the technique to light pats and perform in the same direction.

The massage movements are not too sharp. On the contrary, very gentle and careful, with no strong pressure on the skin. In order not to stretch the skin and to allow it to get used to the massage, first the fingers of one hand fix the skin and the fingertips of the other hand gently stick to the skin for 1-2 seconds and smoothly pull away from the surface of the skin, slightly pulling the skin away.

During the massaging movements (brief pressing and releasing) which create a vacuum effect, and due to honey’s ability to penetrate deeply into the skin cells, there is a deep cleansing of the skin pores and removal of sebaceous plugs.

Contraindications for honey facial massage

  • individual intolerance to honey
  • tumors on the skin of the face
  • dermatitis
  • herpes
  • open wounds and injuries

How often can I get a honey facial massage?

Honey facial massage is not performed continuously. The optimum course is 2 to 3 sessions per week. The face can be massaged every other day. The treatment time is 10 to 15 minutes. The number of treatments should be at least 10 – 20. The anti-ageing effect is already visible in the middle of the course.

Price of honey facial massage in Krakow

Welcome to a honey facial massage at the Oasis BEAUTY & SPA. Give yourself and your skin a pleasant surprise by indulging in a beneficial treatment. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with the price of a honey facial!
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