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Aromatherapy candle massage

time60/90 min.

Get An Aromatherapy Massage At Oasis Beauty&Spa

What is aromatherapy massage? Through centuries people are acquainted with the amazing effects that natural oils have on human body and how fast and easily the amazing smells relaxes people. A new and innovative type of aromatherapy is the massage with candles.
During the procedure the massage therapist lights a candle and after 2-3 minutes pours the melted fragrant oil out of a glass to his/her hands or directly on the client’s body. No burns or unpleasant feelings occur during this warm oil body massage. The candle melts at a temperature about 45 degrees that gives quite comfortable temperature for the massage.
After the candles are lit the room fills with the relaxing odor of the natural oils used in making the candles.
Come to Oasis Beauty&Spa and let us help you relax, feel better, healthier and become happy.

Aromatherapy Massage Price In Krakow at Oasis Beauty&Spa

Our highly qualified profecionals will perform a quality massage, you will receive the best massage in Krakow for an affordable price. If you wish to relax and get rid of all the built up stress, then visit us at Oasis Beauty&Spa! Find the massage with candles cost here.

Come and Get A Candle Massage At Oasis Beauty&Spa

Come and enjoy an aromatherapy massage with a natural candle by simply clicking this link or call us:
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Benefits Of A Candle Massage At Oasis Beauty&Spa

Candle massage aromatherapy benefits include:
● Full relaxation of the body due to the aroma produced from the oils
● Silky, smooth and vibrant skin
● Stimulation of blood circulation
● Stress relief
Natural essential oils in a candle add effect of an aromatherapy and create strong relaxation effect. After use of a massage candle there is a unique feeling of a saturation of skin fragrant oils. At our massage salon you will find the best masseur in Krakow. Come visit us now at Oasis Beauty&Spa.

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