Certyfikat - bezpieczna turystyka Małopolska
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Pedicure for men

time60 min.


The products we use are of the highest quality and have little or no fragrance, and we minimize the discomfort when removing your cuticles by avoiding the use of cuticle trimmers, and instead using a special cuticle moisturizing solution and little wooden sticks to push back and clean away the cuticles.

Our masters clean and shape your nails differently to how they would shape a woman’s nails and whilst they do buff your nails, no varnish is applied to the nails so the end result is neat well-looked-after but natural looking nails.

This treatment focuses on the actual feet as well as the nails. We use specific products to soften skin, exfoliate and remove layers of dead skin, apply a skin nourishing mask, and moisturize to finish. We will also remove any hard and dry skin on the soles of your feet and during a pedicure we will moisturize and nourish your heels which are commonly dry and hard in most men. During the treatment you will also receive a relaxing foot massage.The end result is beautiful looking feet, and soft to touch as well as you feeling thoroughly relaxed.

Men’s feet are rarely on show in public so we tend to neglect them. At OASIS we do see an increase in the number of men’s pedicures we do during summer, when everybody dashes to be beach ready. There is nothing worse than seeing uncared for feet in flip flops or sandals. A men’s pedicure is also an extremely relaxing experience, and you do feel ‘floaty and light’ after you have had one.
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