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Classic manicure in Krakow

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Classical (cut) manicure is one of the most popular services of nail treatment from Oasis beauty salon in Krakow.

Technology of classical (cut) manicure

Classical (cut) manicure in our day spa is performed by the qualified nail artists with solid gfrounding. As a result, each our client receives beautiful, cared-for look skin of hands and nails with original design.
Stages of classical (cut) manicure:

  • Antiseptic is applied to the client’s hands;
  • If you have an old nail coating, we remove it by O.P.I. remuver ;
  • We sculp your nail by nail file (in order of client’s preference);
  • We apply cuticle softener or immerse your fingers in a bowl of warm water;
  • We cut cuticles by nippers;
  • We apply O.P.I. nail hardener;
  • 5 minutes later we apply aromotherapy oil around nail plates and inwork it by light movements.

Price of classical (cut) manicure in Krakow

The great result, professional nail artists, convinient location in the center of Krakow and reasonable price of classical manicure– all of it you can find in our Oasis beauty salon.
If your want to make use of Oasis beauty salon specialists services, make an appointment just now and click here, or contact us:
Тел. +48(518) 739-012;
Тел. +48(12) 421-30-14.
Krakow, Kazimierz , Oasis beauty salon.

Features of classic (cut) manicure in the salon Oasis.

Oasis beauty salon employs professionals of their field who have completed a thorough training before starting to work in order to offer the best services. Right the services that we have been dreaming about ourselves for a long time. Our manicure hall is equipped with the modern equipment and comfortable furniture that is important for high-quality performing procedures. In our work, we use well-known high-quality brands: O.P.I , Organiq. There are also various pre-sterilization and sterilization equipment in our Oasis beauty salon (ultrasonic unit, granular sterilizer, ultraviolet sterilizer and autoclave) that is very important factor for visit of our Oasis beauty salon.


  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Mycotic infections;
  • Solution of continuity of skin

Advantages of classical manicure:

  • The simple procedure which doesn’t demand a lot of time;
  • Reasonable price of service;
  • Using of qualitative products and modern technologies;
  • Work of professional nail artists who know all stages of cut manicure and will be able to offer you interesting design.

Our nail artists will satisfy all wishes of the most exacting clients, will performe you manicure quickly and painless. Classical manicure can be finished by nail polish or by “french” covering. Also we offer a wide choice of production for modern stylization of nails.

You are always welcome to the Oasis beauty salon to put the problems of your day aside for a moment and enjoy our excellent care!

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