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Classic Back Massage in Krakow

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We often lack time to properly take care of our own body, relax and rest, and thus improve our psycho-emotional state and reduce our pain. Here, the classic back massage is the perfect solution.

What is a massage and why is it important for us?

The origins of massage date back to centuries ago. Massage produces a physiotherapeutic effect on the human body. It can be performed manually or with the use of special apparatus and massagers. But what exactly does the word massage mean?
According to one theory, massage is the French word massage, formed from the verb masser – rub, borrowed from the Arabic word mass – touch.

Another theory says that the word massage comes from the Greek masso , which translates as ‘to squeeze with one’s hands’, or from the Latin massa – clinging to one’s fingers, or from the Hebrew machasz– to touch. All these and other transcriptions precisely point to the essence of massage techniques.

Initially, massage consisted in instinctive rubbing, stroking, pressing down on bruises and sprains in different parts of the body. Many historical documents confirm that massage was used by primitive peoples long before our era, for example in ancient Egypt, Libya, Babylon. Massage was also performed in order to restore forces after military campaigns and accelerate the healing of wounds. In ancient India, massage was performed by priests who were specially trained at temples.
In ancient China, the use of massage was mentioned more than 2500 years BC. The world’s first State Medical Institute, where one of the mandatory disciplines was massage, was created in China in the 6th century AD.
All these and many other historical facts once again prove the ancient origins of the procedure of massage.


Hippocrates was considered to be the ancestor of massage as a therapeutic measure. Doctors in ancient Greece considered it necessary to use massage not only in medicine, but also in everyday life, sports, the army, schools.
Despite the fact that various massage techniques have been used for a long time, a scientific justification for their effect on the human body did not exist for a long time. It was only in the second half of the 19th century that specialised works began to emerge, which explained the physiological effect of massage and its positive impact on general human health. The 1870s can be described as the time when massage blossomed.

A classic back massage – why is it worth trying?

A sedentary lifestyle, excessive stress and other factors lead to the deterioration of the motor functions of the upper and lower limbs, cause various types of curvature of the spine (lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis), as well as have a negative impact on blood circulation, which can cause various types of diseases.

It is worth saving yourself such troubles, relying on the help of specialists and deciding on a series of classic back massages. The OASIS BEAUTY & SPA salon in Krakow offers a wide range of choices.
Advantages of massage

There is a vast array of techniques and varieties of massage, and the effectiveness of each and every one of them is medically confirmed. The main purpose of massage is to relieve muscle tension and prevent diseases of the spine. What are the other benefits of regular massages?

  • A classic back massage will help to relieve psycho-emotional stress and positively affect the condition of both the spine and the whole body.
  • A properly performed classic massage gives excellent results, it allows the reduction of many ailments and it is used during the treatment of various types of diseases.
  • Massage reduces muscle tension, improves the functioning of the joints, as well as blood and lymphatic vessels, it allows us to get rid of many cosmetic problems and even influence the functioning of our digestive and nervous systems.
  • Our skin has many nerve endings, so even soft touch is pleasurable, and professionally performed massage will contribute to the production of endorphin (the happiness hormone).
  • Pressing down on and rubbing of the body is a way to reduce the tension of external muscles and restore their flexibility.
  • Massage is also recommended after training, it helps to relax, remove excess lactic acid, and thus weaken or completely remove the feeling of pain – delayed muscle pain syndrome.
  • The main role of classic or general back massage is to relax and tone the muscles. Massage produces a mechanical effect on the skin as well as connective and muscle tissues, which in turn stimulates blood circulation and dilates the capillaries. Thus, cells receive more oxygen and nutrients.
  • A classic back massage can normalise blood pressure, improve the functioning of the lymphatic system and thus accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body.


Indications for a classic back massage

A classic or general back massage is primarily a prophylactic and toning treatment with healing elements, but it should be remembered that in the case of serious health problems, massage is recommended to be performed only in medical facilities.

  • scoliosis
  • osteochondrosis
  • muscle hypotension
  • headache
  • insomnia
  • weakened immunity
  • chronic fatigue
  • hard physical labour
  • reduced skin elasticity
  • increased nervous excitability
  • ailments associated with frequent back pain
  • sedentary lifestyle (seated or standing work)

Contraindications for a classic back massage

In some situations, a back massage cannot be performed; the contraindications include:

  • acute inflammatory processes in the body
  • fever (elevated body temperature)
  • blood clotting disorders
  • cancers
  • aggravated mental illness
  • skin diseases
  • thrombophlebitis
  • renal failure
  • liver failure
  • Alcohol and/or drug poisoning

The whole procedure should be performed by qualified specialists


Classic back massage technology of OASIS BEAUTY & SPA salon:

During a classic back massage, the muscles of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine as well as shoulders are affected. Massage techniques are applied in a specific order and with the required intensity, without directly affecting the spine (paravertebrally).
During the procedure, the client lies down on the table on their stomach. A roller is placed under the ankle joint. Disposable underwear is available, if required.
A warm massage oil (or Shea oil) is applied. The massage starts with a slight longitudinal and then lateral stroking – it stimulates skin receptors and helps to relax muscles. The masseur then moves on to rubbing, thus increasing the blood flow to the skin and muscle tissues. Muscles relax even more, they become softer and warmer, cramping decreases, blood vessels loosen. Thus, the blood flow to the brain is increased along with the oxygen supply. This minimises headaches and relieves stress.
The next step is pressing down. This is the deepest and most intense way to massage. It has the greatest effect on muscle fibres in muscle pain and tension foci. All techniques of pressing down are interwoven with soft stroking, thus enhancing the effect. Such a massage improves the lymphatic drainage.

Classic back massage – advantages

Most people feel more confident, relaxed, free after a classic back massage, their pain disappears and their mood improves. In some cases, you may feel a little strange and feel slight pain.
Is this normal? This may occur when a person does not practice sports, leads a sedentary lifestyle – massage is as much of a training as gym classes! The situation may be the other way around: you lead an active lifestyle, practice sports or have physical work. You feel muscle tension and pain. To help you, the masseur puts more pressure on your body to stretch and relax tense muscles.
The good news is that the feeling of pain should disappear within 24 to 72 hours.

Classic back massage – approximately 10-12 treatments, which can be performed daily or every other day.

Classic back massage in Krakow

We invite everyone to enjoy a classic back massage in the OASIS BEAUTY & SPA salon. Do something just for yourself! We provide a fully professional massage and attractive prices.

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