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Hair Washing

time10-30 min.

Stylists of Oasis salon in Krakow will give you simple and useful advice about hair washing. Our Oasis salon is one of the best representatives of PERFEKT salonsin Krakow. We work with the help of the professional cosmetics JOICO Paul Mitchell. It is easy to find cosmetics for your hair condition and type among these products.
Who knew there was so much to know about washing your hair? Do not fret, our experts ‘break’ it all down so that any future ‘breakage’ can be avoided while preforming the cleansing task that we all do so often. Whether you are a daily shampooer, an every other day washer or the cleanse when you feel like it kind… there is no doubt about it, washing your hair is a task that most of us do on a regular basis.

You should wash your hair and choose a shampoo correctly, because you may damage your hair. To do it right you have to know some information about pH balance and understand your shampoo.

Understanding Shampoo:

If one has an oily scalp, dehydrated stiff ends or even thinning hair a pH-balanced shampoo can aid in repairing the hair and even provide you with the dazzling hair you are worthy of. The pH scale is measured from 0-14. A shampoo that is more acidic will have a pH rating from 0 to 6.9 while a shampoo that is more alkaline will have a pH rating from 7.1 to 14. The ideal shampoo is between 5.0 – 6.0 (the pH level where our hair, skin and nails exist).

  • For color-treated hair select a shampoo that has components such as macadamia and coconut oil or vitamin E to add moisture. When terms like moisturizing or hydrating are printed, pH levels are low (acidic).
  • For oily hair go for a pH-balanced cleanser that contains panthenol.
  • For dry hair use a pH-balancing shampoo that contains fatty alcohols like cetyl alcohol.
  • Shampoos can also undergo the litmus assessment. Simply, dip a litmus paper in the shampoo and compare its color to the pH scale chart.

Do you know how often can you use a Shampoo? If no, you can read the following information.
As hair varies and textures differ by ethnicity, so does the demand to use shampoos. One may be washing hair more frequently than is necessary. Experts agree that shampooing twice a week should suffice, of course, there are always exceptions (getting sweaty or using loads of styling product may merit more shampooing) but perhaps a dry-shampoo is the way to go for in between shampoos.

How to wash hairproperly?

Hair is in its most fragile state when it is wet, so gentleness is crucial. To begin, brush the hair to make sure that one goes into the shampooing process tangle free. Next, thoroughly soak hair by using relatively warm water to open the cuticle (this allows the shampoo and conditioner to penetrate and truly cleanse). Then apply a splotch of shampoo to the palm of your hand. Dip the fingers from the other hand into the shampoo and dab a little on the scalp in the bangs area, around the ears, the nape of the neck and the crown areas. Continue this until the scalp is generously covered with cleanser.

After the scalp is systematically cleaned, it is time to rinse away all that dirt that has built up. Rinse with cool water beginning from the bang area and work the water down the hair shaft by gently tapping hair a few times to make sure all of the soap is rinsed out.

In salon Oasis stylists perform foam massage of the head during hair washing procedures, which favorably affects both hair growth and work head vessels.
When spreading conditioner, the root area can be skipped all together. Conditioner only needs to be applied to the hair shaft and ends. Apply from top to bottom and let the conditioner work while you leave it in for a few minutes as you go on to wash the rest of your body. When it is time to rinse out the conditioner, use cold water. While not always the most practical, the very best way is to rinse with the coldest water (in perhaps the sink). It may be slightly inconvenient but the cold water seals the cuticle, creating a nice shine when dry.
Your hair will look good and healthy because of cosmetics of JOICO PAUL MITCHELL. In Oasis salon in Krakow you can buy all necessary preparations for the washing and styling hair.

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