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Bio-curling & keratin hair straightening in Krakow

keratynowe prostowanie

  1. Keratin hair straightening «COCOCHOCO» (washing by clarifying shampoo, keratin application, drying, blow-out by flat iron)

    Short hair (75 min.) – 300zł.
    Medium hair (120 min.) – 400zł.
    Long hair (150 min.) – 500zł.

  2. Bio-curling PAUL MITCHELL for all hair types (washing, the first product application, hair curlers, washing, the second product application, washing by conditioner, styling)

    Short hair (90 min.) – 200zł.
    Medium hair (120 min.) – 300zł.
    Long hair (150 min.) – 400zł.

The time and the price of any procedure can changed (upward or downward) depending on the quantity of the using products and work complexity, the close price can be fixed after free consultation of our specialist.

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