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Darsonvalization – this is the therapeutic effects of alternating current high voltage to the human body through a gas-filled glass electrode. The impact is a pulse variable sinusoidal currents of high frequency (110-400 kHz), high voltage (about 20 kV) but low power (up to 100-200 mA).
Darsonvalization is a method of electrotherapy is named after the French physiologist Jacques d’arsonval Arseniy (Jaques-Arsene d’arsonval). Also named after this French physiologist called the device for darsonvalization – d’arsonval.

Currently Darsonvalization is successfully used in dermatology, cosmetology, surgery, urology, gynecology, neuropathology, and treatment of diseases of internal organs, etc.
Through the use of machine d’arsonval Corona improves blood circulation, activation of biochemical metabolic processes in the skin and increases tissue nutrition and oxygen supply, decreases the threshold of sensitivity of pain receptors to external stimuli, which provides an analgesic effect.
With regular use of machine d’arsonval Corona improves the activity of the Central nervous system, in particular sleep efficiency; normalize vascular tone; headaches, fatigue; increases the body’s immunity.

The main factor of the apparatus d’arsonval high frequency current, high-voltage corona discharge, the heat generated in the tissue and in the field of corona discharge, a small amount of ozone and nitrogen oxides, the weak ultraviolet radiation generated by corona discharge, weak mechanical vibrations in the frequency nazionalnoi in the tissues (oscillatory effect).

Specialists of OASIS BEAUTY & SPA salon in Krakow use local darsonvalization. Local darsonvalization based on summing the high voltage to the skin through a vacuum electrode in which the air is either attenuated or completely deflated. A small voltage, causing the ionization of the air, contributes to the development of silent electric discharge and is widely used in the contact method. As the stress increases there is a secondary independent air ionization with the formation of a spark discharge as local tissue changes, and with the effect cauterization powerful spark at higher temperature, which is used as a remote method of treatment (cauterization of blood vessels, pustules, lifting technique).

We invite you to the salon OASIS BEAUTY & SPA in Krakow to the face, body and hair treatments using the d’Arsonval.

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