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Face, Neck & Decollete Massage At Oasis Beauty&Spa

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Massage of the face, neck and décolleté is still an effective and popular procedure in beauty salons. Many people think it’s just a pleasant addition to the care of the face, neck and décolleté skin, but it is not actually true.
A face is what people primarily pay attention to. In order to make it more relaxed and attractive, it is enough to have a series of the face, neck and décolleté massage in OASIS BEAUTY&SPA salon in Krakow twice a year.

Why does our skin look different with age?

When women see wrinkles or folds, they often think their skin is responsible for all these problems. Our skin undergoes daily photoaging, so with age it requires more professional care.
In fact, wrinkles, folds and swelling are connected not only with skin aging, but also with age-related changes in the skull bones, muscles and vessels. These changes are hidden from view, therefore we often do not lay emphasis on them, but the nature dictates its own rules. Fortunately there are many ways to stop skin aging. Specialists of spa salon Oasis can help you choose an individual skin care program using professional cosmetics and the latest technology. Currently cosmetologists have a lot of techniques and varieties of facial, neck and décolleté massages that allow solving most aesthetic problems of our skin, such as:

  • Healing massage for oily porous and problem face skin.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage, reducing swelling and improving the complexion of the skin;
  • Healing massage for comedones and pitted acne scars;
  • A variety of lifting massage techniques (regular procedures significantly improve the elasticity of the face, neck and décolleté skin);
  • Plastic or modeling massage (helping in shaping the face oval and reducing fat depot in the chin area);

This is not the whole list of face massages, thanks to which your skin can look much younger and more attractive.

Advantages and effects of facial, neck and decollete massage:

  • Prevention of premature skin aging;
  • Increase of skin elasticity
  • Improvement of blood microcirculation
  • Prevention of telangiectasia (expanded vessels of the skin);
  • Improved complexion (a healthy blush appears);
  • Lymphatic drainage (reducing swelling);
  • Normalization of the sebaceous and sweat glands;
  • Reduced pores of oily porous skin;
  • Reduced fat depot in the chin area.

The face, neck and décolleté massage is called passive gymnastics for a reason. With the help of massage, you can relax tensed facial muscles and make them toned, as a significant part of them is practically not used by us throughout life.
The face, neck and décolleté massage make a beneficial effect on our nervous system. It easily removes fatigue, improves the psycho-emotional state, raises mood and normalizes sleep, thereby beneficially affecting the overall health of a person.

Contraindications to massage of the face, neck and décolleté:

  • Increased body temperature;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Acute inflammatory processes on the skin (acne, herpes, furunculosis, etc);
  • Allergic reactions (redness, peeling, itching);
  • Any damage to the skin in procedure areas (wounds, abrasions, bruises);
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Oncological diseases.

From what age can you have face, neck and decollete massage?

Facial massage has no age restrictions, but before the first signs of aging, it is performed only according to indications: e.g. youthful acne or swelling.
As soon as first signs of aging (small wrinkles, worsening of the turgor, etc.) have appeared, it is recommended to take a regular massage course, at least 10 sessions twice a year, better in the off-season (spring, autumn). Most often, women and men should start using professional services of cosmetologists at the age of 30, but do not forget about genetic factors. People often inherit the predisposition to premature and delayed aging. In such cases, age does not matter much and care course is selected depending on skin condition.

How long does the effect last after a facial, neck and decollete massage?

If you have a one-time massage procedure, the effect will last about 3-4 days, and later it will become almost unnoticeable. The professional massage allows decreasing swelling, improving complexion, tightening face oval. In order to achieve a lasting result, you need to take a course of procedures in spa salon Oasis 10-15 times. Hereafter it is advisable to periodically take supportive massage sessions or repeat the course in 5-6 months. Massage is a stimulation of the physiological processes of our body and, in this connection, the effect should not be instantaneous, as after injection methods of rejuvenation. After each procedure the skin condition will improve and it is completely safe for your health.

The technology of face, neck and decollete massage in Oasis Beauty & Spa:

  • Make-up is removed depending on the type and condition of the facial skin;
  • If the client has a fat, porous facial skin, and the neck and decollete have signs of aging, we further wipe the face with a therapeutic lotion, but without touching the skin of the neck and décolleté;
  • For rejuvenating and lifting massage we apply either lifting cream or massage oil preheated to room temperature;
  • We proceed to necessary type of massage;
  • At the end, the remains of massage products will be carefully removed with a tonic;
  • After that, we may perform physiotherapeutic manipulations depending on the pre-selected procedure program;
  • Using various masks, refinishers and creams;
  • In the end we apply to the face a day cream with the necessary UV protection factor.

The price of face, neck and decollete massage in Krakow

We invite everyone to take the facial, neck and décolleté massage at Oasis BEAUTY&SPA. Make a gift for yourself and your skin, having pleased with the useful procedure. We are sure that the price of massage of the face, neck and décolleté will pleasantly surprise you!
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