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Classic Neck And Head Massage in Krakow

time30 min.

Need A Classic Neck And Head Massage Come To Oasis Beauty&Spa

Classic neck and head massage was practiced in ancient times in cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Nowadays this Indian type of massage is mostly used in stress relief therapy.
To counterbalance our stressed and crazy way of life, this massage relieves aches and pains, releases tensions and brings an amazing uplifting sensation. A real anti-stress treatment…There are two types of massage meant for the neck and the head being cosmetic and medical massage.
In cosmetic purposes the indications for this massage are:
● Skin lifting massage
● Dandruff
● Wrinkles

For medical purposes the indications are:

● Eye-strain
● Remove stiffness from the neck
● Emotional stress
● Anxiety
● Chronic tiredness
● Sleeping disorder

At our beauty salon, we will offer you a pleasant stress alleviating head and neck procedure. The therapy starts from the back of the surface of the ears using circular motions with the finger-pads. The masseur positions the hands on the two sides of the head and lightly squeezes it. With this technique, the whole surface of the head is massaged.

Prices For A Head And Neck Massage In Krakow at Oasis Beauty&Spa

At our amazingly relaxing salon in the heart of Krakow, you will receive an amazing massage, high-quality service and the relaxation that you need so much for the most reasonable head massage price. To know the neck massage cost go here.

Get A Neck And Head Massage At Oasis Beauty&Spa

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Benefits Neck-Head Massage at Oasis Beauty&Spa

Head massage is not just time pass as it can relax not just your body but also mind if done in a proper manner. Neck and head massage triggers a regenerative process in a human body. It is not just the head that is massaged by the masseur in this massage therapy, but the professionals also work with the neck and the shoulders to increase mobility and flexibility in these joints.
Besides making you feel super excellent and pretty eminent, this massage therapy will allay your worries, ease the built-up tension in your muscles and relieve both sinusitis and anxiety. This relaxing therapy is amazing for women’s beauty.

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