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SPA-manicure OASIS

time90 min.


Professional SPA-manicure and nail care

A special SPA-manicure “Oasis” is one of the procedures of hands care for women and men in our beauty salon in Krakow. The SPA-manicure “Oasis” is aimed at renewal and regeneration of hands skin and is especially suitable for dry skin. The SPA-manicure removes fatigue and gives the skin elasticity and a healthy look. Our specialists use professional OPI and ORGANIQUE products for SPA-care and a beautiful manicure.
We have cherishingly created this kind of SPA-care by gathering all the essentials for the perfect hands skin and nail conditions, namely: manicure, cleansing peeling, paraffin therapy and surely a relaxing hands massage.

Is the SPA-manicure safe for health?

In OASIS Beauty&Spa we use disposable expendable materials for almost all procedures (non-woven napkins for manicure and pedicure, bedsheets for massage, a towel for clients of the hairdressing salon, personal lingerie for the clients during the massage, pedicure sneakers, etc.). Masters also use professional working clothes, footwear, various gloves and respirators, disinfectant liquid for skin, furniture and rooms, which provide best protection both customers and employees of the salon.
Before any kind of manicure the masters of Salon Oasis put an antiseptic on the client`s skin. We also carefully perform pre-sterilizing and sterilizing cleaning of instruments, milling cutters and working surfaces with the help of modern equipment (ultrasonic washing, UV sterilizer, granular sterilizer and autoclave) and the necessary disinfecting solutions. All this guarantees our clients complete safety for health.

The SPA-manicure technology step by step:

  • A full-fledged manicure (classical or hardware) is performed;
  • Cleansing hands peeling is performed next;
  • Paraffin therapy deeply nourishes and softens the hands skin after cleansing peeling;
  • A moisturizing cream is applied and a relaxing massage is performed, providing even more skin moisturizing;
  • Preparation remnants are patted dry with a napkin, nail plates are degreased and protective enamel is applied.

The SPA-manicure ends with tea drinking. Dive into the world of relaxation by giving your hands a SPA-manicure “Oasis”.

Contraindications for the SPA-manicure «OASIS»:

  • Diabetes;
  • Fungal infections;
  • Skin damages in the areas of procedure.

The price for SPA-manicure «Oasis» in Krakow

Qualified specialists will make the procedure as comfortable as possible, as a result of which you will get healthy nails and fair hand skin. We provide cozy atmosphere and professional work of masters. Reasonable price of the Spa-manicure is one of many advantages of OASIS Beauty&Spa as well.
You can make an appointment by clicking here, or contact us at following telephone numbers:
Tel. +48 (518) 739-012;
Tel. +48 (12) 421-30-14.
Krakow, Kazimiez district, OASIS Beauty&Spa

Features of the SPA-manicure «Oasis»

The Spa-manicure «Oasis» in our beauty salon is an excellent opportunity to get high-quality hands skin and nails care. This procedure is performed by real professionals, who know everything about SPA-care and take cue from every customer’s request.

Advantages of SPA-manicure in OASIS Beauty&Spa

  • Complex SPA-care for nails and hand skin;
  • Effective skin cleansing from the horny layer with enzyme peeling;
  • Skin moistening and softening;
  • Maximum skin saturation with natural ingredients and as a result disposal of dryness;

The SPA-manicure by the specialists of OASIS Beauty&Spa perfectly removes fatigue, increases the overall tone of the whole organism, allows you to make your hands more gentle, soft and moisturized. If you prefer decorative nail coating, there is a wide range of colors and materials for styling nails from the most conservative to extravagant ones.

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