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Partial Pedicure

time30 min.


Partial pedicure in BEAUTY & SPA OASIS salon is for those customers who need to care of the part of the foot, such as heels.

To stay on your feet in poor quality shoes, to wear high heels, to be in lack of minerals lead to the formation of spurs, corns, cracks, change the direction of growth, shape of the nail. Removing of corns leads to the penetration of the infection. The procedure, which is carried out in the salon, guarantees safety, no unpleasant consequences, because it is carried out by highly qualified masters.

In our salon you can order the following types of partial pedicure:

  • Classic or wet involves soaking of the skin of the feet in the bath with sea salt, essential oils. It is not only soften the skin, but also reduce fatigue. It gives a feeling of freshness. Our master remove dead skin, polish heels that allows for longer maintain the state of comfort and freshness. An excellent complement of partial pedicure are deeply nourishing and moisturizing mask.
  • Hardware or dry is considered to be the fastest and perfect for regular treatment. The procedure passes without softening bath. Special fluids and gels are used for moisturizing skin. Apparatus pedicure is done with using a special machine equipped with various types of attachments. Components can accurately and professionally produce a variety of operations. Hardware pedicure is for women, which prefer fashionable high-heeled shoes.
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