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Correction Gel French

time160/170 min.
price180/200 zł


Salon BEAUTY & SPA OASIS offers you different kinds of manicure and nail design.

Beautiful manicure is an important component of women’s style – well-groomed, neat nails always attract attention. Especially effectively looks a French manicure, or as it is called, or French manicure with a «smile». It looks great, but like any other manicure requires careful care and correction.

New technique of manicure is quite complicated, because unusual design may takes a lot of time. Correction should be made in 2,5 – 3 weeks after the treatment. This procedure is aimed at maintaining and updating the color and shape of nails.

Correction of this manicure usually takes a bit of time, but sometimes, if executed architectural design. This correction takes 2 – 3 hours, because the master should update the entire nail surface.

Masters of beauty salon OASIS make two main types of correction: simple (without changing the design and shape) and complex (with a change in form, design and type of the nail). The essence of the correction is to change the smile line. Or, as they say, its “lifting”. In fact, the correction of the French manicure is to remove the white material and applying smile line again.

But there is also a simplified version, when part of fingernail that is situated not near the cuticle line, is applied to the new material. It is used if a smile is normal and has no mechanical damage.

Timely correction is able to rectify the situation and make your nails glamorous, beautiful and memorable!

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