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Massage of the soles

time20 min.


Today, every woman tries to make that her feet soft, silky. They must be very carefully looked after. It is not just about all kinds of preparations for skin care, but also about the massage, that stimulates all the physiological processes in the skin of your feet and your whole body.

Professionals of salon OASIS BEAUTY & SPA in Krakow practice massage of the soles. This massage can relax you and your body. You can experience the powerful healthy impact, offsetting the negative load that you experience every day. Foot massage has a stimulating effect not only on the muscles of the legs, it is beneficial for the whole organism.

In OASIS BEAUTY & SPA in Krakow, we will help you relieve fatigue, restore the sensitivity of the feet to improve circulation to the skin, improve the overall tone of your body with the help of the massage.

Foot massage – it is a great way to take care of your feet skin. We use the nutrients and moisturizers world-renowned companies such as GEHWOL and OPI.
We invite all to our salon OASIS BEAUTY & SPA in Krakow to experience a pleasant feeling during foot massage.

Spa Salon Oasis Beauty&Spa in Krakow

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