Certyfikat - bezpieczna turystyka Małopolska
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Massage of the soles with natural warm candles

time20 min.


In OASIS BEAUTY & SPA in Krakow, we offer a wide range of SPA services for feet skin care.

SPA massage with warm natural candle is one of these procedures. Natural aromatherapy candles is made of natural coconut oil, soy, beeswax and essential oils with the scent of exotic flowers and plants. The maximum effect and comfort is achieved due to the fact that natural candles are warm during your massages of feet. Thereby, it can quickly absorbed into the skin of the feet.

The effect from natural massage with warm candle includes nutrition and hydration of the skin of feet. The aromatherapy effect of inhalation of natural essential oils has a good influence on your mood. This therapy removes stress, improves the function of all organs and body systems.

We invite everyone to have flawless and well-groomed feet in our salon OASIS BEAUTY & SPA in Krakow.

Spa Salon Oasis Beauty&Spa in Krakow

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