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Nail strengthener

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Every day nail-industry offers more and more new and advanced nail care products— the various nail-polishes, gels, titanic covering and so-called “strengtheners” (protecting and strengthening products). To protect nails from aggressive external factors, to improve their condition- are the main aims of the product which is called strengthener.
Today the nail-covering called “strengthener” is practically always the finishing and integral part of any kind of manicure.
Products for nail strengthening are often used as a base under the color nail polish because they protect nails from the pigments which are contained in nail polish.
Nail strengthener is a liquid of medium density which well and evenly covers on nails, has no smell and color.

Odżywka dla paznokci na dłonie

Why nail strengthener is useful and effective?

For many years the scientists of nail-industry work on development of products for improvement of structure and protection of nails. The last innovative developments include ideally balanced combinations thanks to which the structure of nails really improves, nails become stronger and their growth considerably accelerates. There are such ingredients in the structure of qualitative and effective products:

  • calcium;
  • keratin;
  • collagen;
  • silk proteins;
  • complex of vitamins;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • extracts of natural plants.

Indications for use of nail strengthener.

Odżywka dla paznokci na dłonie

  • eggshell nails;
  • fragile nails;
  • chipping nails;
  • defective nails;
  • slowly growing nails.

Contraindications for use of nail strengthener.

  • Idiosyncrasy (allergy) to the components of the strengthener.

Technology of a strengthener covering in OASIS BEAUTY&SPA.

  • we polish nail plates by buff;
  • we remove fat from the nail surface;
  • we apply the strengthener.

OASIS BEAUTY&SPA in Krakow recommends to everyone to have natural, beautiful and healthy nails, to use nail strengthener not only in salon, but also at home.
If you use nail strengthener at home you have to apply it in 1-2 coats during five days. Then you have to remove all covers by special “complex” (without acetone) and then we recommend to do the interval for several days. Tepeat this cycle 4-5 times.

Effects after nail covering by strengthener:

  • strengthening of nail plates;
  • control of chipping nails;
  • elimination of microcracks;
  • acceleration of nail growth.

The price of nail covering by strengthener in Krakow.

We offer to clients of OASIS BEAUTY&SPA the service of effective strengthening of nails. Each client will be surely satisfied with the effect after nail covering by strengthener.
If you want to make an appointment for any treatment in OASIS BEAUTY&SPA, click on the link, or contact us at the following phone numbers:
Tel. +48 (518) 739-012;
Tel. +48 (12) 421-30-14.
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