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Today it is difficult to imagine the modern woman who didn’t resort to services of the nail-industry experts or didn’t cover nails by nail polish singly.

To have beautiful and cared-for look nails is not just a fashion statement, but mode of life of most of women. Women have an opportunity to change their image not only by various of dresses and a make-up, but without problems to change colour and style of their nails from classically reserved, to extravagantly bright.
It would seem, everything is simple if not one but. Because of frequent change of nail covering they become fragile, lose their natural gloss, begin to turn yellow and exfoliate.

The number one producers of production for care and design of nails develop new and improve old formulas of compositions of nail-polishes, strengtheners (protection products) and removers (nail enamel remover). Low-quality removers which contains acetone and without nutritional chemicals or softening substances, damage your nails.
There are protective and strengthening products for high-quality and safe use of nail-polishes which protect nails from even small possibility to do much harm. Much as you like the colour and design of manicure , but sooner or later you want to change it and we remove nail-polish from our nails by special products, often without regard to quality and structure of it. Actually, low-quality removers can do much harm to your nails because the acetone which is their part removes not only nail-polish, but a protection cover of strengthener.
Ideally, each woman dreams to have beautiful and healthy nails and this dream can easily be reality. For this purpose it is necessary to trust to professionals.

Ściągnięcie zwykłego lakieru

There is a service of nail-polish removal in price lists of any nail-beauty salons and OASIS BEAUTY & SPA is no exception. Highly qualified specialists and carefully elected products by worldfamous producers are 100% a guarantee of the result which will satisfy even the most exacting fans of manicure.
OASIS BEAUTY&SPA offers different types of manicure, design of nails, and also nail-polish removal. Our specialists use in their work products of O.P.I. trademark.
O.P.I company occupies about a half of the world market among producers of products for professional manicure and a pedicure, and for home care of skin of hands, feet and nails. Production of O.P.I trademark is very popular among the Hollywood Stars and ordinary judges of quality skin and nail care cosmetics.
Professional removal products by O.P.I. will provide you fast and quality result, remove nail-polish delicately, without doing harm to either skin of fingers, or nails.
The choice of the spetsialitst depends on covering (usual nail-polish, gel or titanic covering), on nails (natural, gel, tips). There is a number of differences in the choice: products with acetone and without it. Additives are very important too: they are softening, moisturizing and protecting.

One of the removers is O.P.I. Acetone-Free Polish Remover:

  • doesn’t contain acetone;
  • enriched with aloe extract ;
  • doesn’t leave white bloom on nails;
  • the soft formula of this product is absolutely hypoallergenic;
  • quickly and qualitatively remove several layers nail-polish;
  • it can be used both on natural, and on artificial nails.

Ściągnięcie zwykłego lakieru

O.P.I. ORIGINAL POLISH REMOVER – is a blue colour product, contains acetone, but it is recommended for use on natural nails thanks to it´s ideal combination with auxiliary ingredients. It is recommended for use on natural nails and has a number of advantages:

  • has a pleasant smell of mint;
  • remove nail-polish quickly and without taints;
  • contains aloe extract for nail and cuticle care.

Ściągnięcie zwykłego lakieru

O.P.I Expert Touch Lacquer Remover-professional violet color removal liquid:

  • has pleasant scent;
  • doesn’t overdry a cuticle and nails;
  • easily and quickly remove nail-polish;
  • contains acetone, but doesn’t leave traces;
  • can remove gel by using a foil or professional applicators.

Ściągnięcie zwykłego lakieru

All O.P.I. products, beginning from liquids for removal of nail-polish and finishing with products for SPA rituals for hands and legs, is directed to making this care pleasant and the most effective, granting beauty, youth and health.

The price of removal service in Krakow

The price of removal service in OASIS BEAUTY & SPA is absolutely small and isn’t comparable with that harm which is done by nonprofessional remover to nails, skin of hands and legs. If you want to reserve a visit to specialists of OASIS BEAUTY & SPA click here, or contact us:
+48 518 – 739-012;
+48(12) 421-30-14.
Krakow, Kazimierz , Oasis beauty salon.

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