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Nail decoration with rhinestones

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Girls love to all bright and flickering is not accidental. Nothing underscores the fragility and delicacy of the female’s body as a radiance of precious metals. Today, every woman has the opportunity to decorate your image with shiny rhinestones. Rather recently designers have transferred small crystals from clothes to nails. In 2013 the spectacular manicure with pastes has reached peak of popularity and still doesn’t give in.

Manicure with rhinestones in great demand because it can be done not only for going to a party. Casual French manicure with crystals looks very elegant, and wedding manicure will attract admiring glances.

Salon Beauty&Spa Oasis offers a variety of design and decoration of nails with artificial stones.
Modern manicure is an art. A variety of forms and boundless patterns, decorative elements and options. We need a certain skill, patience and precision to create a beautiful composition on the nail plate.

Better looking creative masterpieces on artificial nails, because they are stronger, longer, and are not afraid of injuries. As it is known, crystals can be with the flat lower surface and cone-shaped. The last are used only on the increased nails in which special openings are drilled.

Rhinestones can be crystal, glass, acrylic, plastic, and zirconium. Glass crystals are machine-cut and raw – just punched in the forms.
What make the Swarovski crystals to differ from all others? They always have a circular shape and patented number of facets. They are made only from high quality rock crystal, and the bottom surface is covered with the reflective film. Radiance of such stones are like diamond brilliance that is the main value of the brand.
Also crystals can be transparent, colored and hologramic. Last ones iridescent and are in great demand in the nail business. Also, there are other color effects, for example, satin coating, metal, with reduced transparency or hematite.
In any art the rule of harmony works. Drawing on nails has to be accurate, not bulky, look laconically and to be combined with the main background of a covering. It is possible to use large number of rhinestones on one finger or to decorate small pebbles all nails. You shouldn’t use a lot of decor at once – for example, a foil, an acrylic molding, dry flowers. It will look too elaborate.
It is very womanly the French manicure in which under the white line there passes the path of small pastes looks. Such sparkling scattering of stones instantly changes simple design on elegant and putting lace. The easy spider line on nails gives to an image tenderness and mysteriousness. Material is applied with a special brush by means of which the real lace is pasted, and in pattern corners small pebbles mysteriously flicker.

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