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Nail polish in Krakow

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The final step of the manicure is often the application of a decorative or colorless nail lacquer. Specialists of OASIS Beauty&Spa in Krakow prefer to use universal O.P.I. nail lacquers, which additionally guarantees high quality. O.P.I lacquers apart from protection against negative influences of external factors, help to maintain the nail plate’s health, protect nails from delamination and brittleness, and strengthen them.

What is needed for perfect nail polish coating?

Professional nail designers use products for high-quality nail polish and long-lasting effect, for example, the following are mandatory:

  • Base coat. It is used both with decorative varnish (applied before its application), and independently;
  • Nail color (decorative lacquer). It is usually applied on the base coat and designed for styling with a variety of matt and pearly shades of preferred colors;
  • Top coat. It is used to protect the colored layer, as it is coated over it; it prevents lacquer flaking and chipping and gives an additional shine to the coating.

Advantages of nail lacquer O.P.I coating:

  • An excellent formula that contains natural silk and amino acids;
  • More than 300 shades;
  • The lacquers palette is updated 9 times a year, reflecting the world fashion trends and the latest manicure technologies;
  • The main collection of the season is a unique cocktail of trendy moods and original culture of a particular country. Each shade is a small story told at the fingertips;
  • The sparkling luxury “Designer Series” with precious diamond dust. These lacquers reflect color and twinkle like diamonds;
  • Recognition by millions of professionals at nail design.

The technology of lacquer O.P.I coating in OASIS Beauty&Spa:

  • Nail plates are polished with buff;
  • The nail surface is degreased;
  • Base coat is applied;
  • Nail color is applied in two layers;
  • Then we apply top coat which is intended for color protection and additionally gives glossy or matte gloss (optional) to the nails.

The price of nail lacquer O.P.I coating in Krakow

OASIS Beauty&Spa offers its clients high-quality services for styling nails with O.P.I. lacquers. The price of nail lacquer O.P.I coating guarantees the prime quality.
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