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“French” nail coating in Krakow

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The history of French manicure starts at 1976 and in spite of its name not in France, but in USA. The founder of the most popular and universal nail design was Jeff Pink- founder of Orly International.

All natural is universal. Natural pink or peach color of a nail bed and the white free edge were perfectly in harmony with any dress. It was the variant of nail covering which we know as “French manicure” or «French”. The border between the white free edge and the nail bed is called “the line of a smile”. At first Jeff Pink called his invention as “Natural Look” and the new type of nail design became popular. Later he renamed it into “French manicure” (because at that time all French was considered as the best), he decided that “Natural Look” was too simple for such magnificent design.
Nail- industry develops so actively that in time French manicure has changed. At the present time nail artists can surprise their clients with a variety of well known “French”. With the help of experts from OASIS BEAUTY&SPA in Krakow you will be able to receive the most bold and creative ideas as for “French “. The nail surface can be any color: both neutral pink with a white tip and bright rich tones, and various forms — triangle, smile or even a zigzag! Thanks to variety of variations this type of nail covering will never get out of fashion and will popular among lovers of conservative style and among lovers of extravagant “French”.

Technology of “French” nail coating in OASIS BEAUTY&SPA:

  • we shape your nail plates by buff (nails so that they each have a smooth);
  • we degrease the surface of nails;
  • we cover them with a basic coat (basis);
  • we apply natural pink / beige (or any, on the choice of the client) color of nail polish in two coats;
  • we draw the line of a smile (by any colour of nail polish);
  • we apply the finish coat — “TOP” for protection of a color covering and for glossy gloss.

The prices of “French” nail coating in Krakow

OASIS BEAUTY&SPA offers its clients high-quality service creating beautiful French nail polish.
Each client will be surely satisfied with the “French” nail coating and flawless procedure execution by experts of OASIS BEAUTY&SPA. The price of “French” nail coating at OASIS BEAUTY&SPA is the best in Krakow.
To make an appointment to our masters right now, just click here, or contact us at the phone numbers below.
Tel. +48 (518) 739-012;
Tel. +48 (12) 421-30-14.
Krakow, Kazimiez district, OASIS BEAUTY&SPA

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