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Gel French manicure in Krakow

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Oasis Beauty&Spa offers its customers a quality French manicure with a gel polish of the world-famous American company O.P.I. A French manicure is a versatile option that is suitable for any outfit and make-up. French manicure appeared in the nail design industry in 1976 in Hollywood during the filming. Designer Jeff Pink (company Orli’s founder) developed a universal design of the French manicure that would fit the various images and dresses of actresses, which often had to vary according to scenario. This idea received a stunning success and the status of “classics” in the nail design industry.

Technology of gel French manicure in Oasis Beauty&Spa

Gel nail polish is currently one of the most fashionable and demanded nail services. Thanks to this coating your nails will look perfect for a long time and the shine will last about three weeks. But there is a slight hitch! At first glance, what is difficult gel application? One buys it, applies, dries it in a lamp and it is ready. As it turned out, it is professional implementation and strict adherence to the technology of applying gel varnish, which are fundamental for obtaining a qualitative result. As it turned out, professional implementation and strict adherence to the polishing technology is fundamental for qualitative result.
Highly skilled nail masters of Oasis Beauty&Spa have many years of experience and perform gel coating at the most professional level.

What is special in gel french manicure technology?

First of all, we shape the nail free edge to make it perfectly smooth. In case of nail plate stratification, carefully trim it with a file for natural nails.

  • Nails should be thoroughly degreased with a special agent and top keratin layer should be removed using a high abrasive buff. We remove from the nail plate only gloss, for better gel adhesion. Failing this, the coating will exfoliate.
  • We apply a special agent with a degreased PH formula BOND (dehydrator). In some cases, masters use an acid-free primer.
  • We apply the base coat. It is one of the main steps of gel coating technology. The base coat serves as the basis for gel polish. It is responsible for a molecular bond between the natural nail keratin and artificial gel material. At the same time, the base coat protects the nails from dyeing pigments.

When applying gel polish it is important to ensure that all materials are applied in a thin and even layer, including base coat. We put on the brush a small amount of gel and coat the nails with rubbing movements starting from the free edge. Do not forget to cover nails tips and then do a few long movements from top to bottom along the entire length. Make sure that the gel polish does not get on the skin and cuticle.

  • The next step is drying the base coat. Masters of Oasis Beauty&Spa use O.P.I. gel polish, accordingly they use a LED and not a UV- lamp which significantly saves the gel polymerization time (instead of 1 minute – 10 seconds). After the base has dried, use a dry brush to level the dispersive (sticky) layer to make gel evenly and dispersed.
  • Depending on client’s choice, we apply the pastel-pink or beige gel in the two layers (choosing the most natural colors). Each layer must be polemized in a LED lamp for 30 seconds (in UV for 2 minutes).
  • The most important of the French manicure is a smooth smile line, because it divides the outgrown transparent-white edge from the nail plate base of natural color. The smile line is drawn with a special brush in two layers, covering well free nails tips. Each of them is dried for 30 seconds in a LED lamp.
  • The final step of the gel French manicure is top coat applying. It should be well dried, so that when removing the sticky layer, it does not lose its luster (30 seconds in the LED lamp). After that, the dispersive (sticky) layer is removed with a special Cleanser. This will give the gel coating a glossy sheen.

The gel French manicure will look perfect for at least 3 weeks thanks to the skills of experienced and highly qualified specialists of Oasis Beauty&Spa.

The price of gel French manicure in Krakow

Oasis Beauty&Spa offers its clients high-quality service creating beautiful and persistent nail gel polish. All gel polish products are from the American company O.P.I., which additionally guarantees the highest quality. It’s all at a very affordable price! The price of gel French manicure in Salon Oasis is the best in Krakow.
To make an appointment to our masters right now, just click here, or contact us at the phone numbers below.
Tel. +48 (518) 739-012;
Tel. +48 (12) 421-30-14.
Krakow, Kazimiez district, Oasis Beauty&Spa

Advantages of gel French manicure in Oasis Beauty&Spa

Nail gel polish is an excellent accomplishment of any manicure and a guarantee of its durability for at least 3 weeks. Gel nail polish for a perfect manicure has many advantages:

  • Quick polymerization (drying) in the LED lamp;
  • Resistance and strength of the coating (with abidance to the technology);
  • Nails strengthening (thanks to gel polish nails strengthen and grow faster);
  • Affordable price.

This nail care procedure in Oasis Beauty&Spa will give you beautiful manicure at the affordable price.
Nail stylists are using all sorts of colors, from pale to extravagantly bright apart from the beloved, natural, classic French manicure, thus making the French manicure more attractive and unique.

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