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Brazilian manicure

time60 min

The wide list of nail care services of our OASIS beauty and SPA salon includes both classical procedures and new technologies in a skin and nail care. One of them is the Brazilian manicure of BalbCare. It is possible to call this procedure as “two in one”: quality manicure plus full-fledged SPA care with the powerful recovering effect for skin and nails. We are doing the Brazilian manicure by the special kits of exclusive producer BalbCare.
Due to active and natural ingredients in composition, this innovation product of NAILS industry is recommended by top specialists:

  • tea tree oil (antiseptic and anti inflammatory broad-spectrum agent);
  • allantois (expressed regenerating effect, promotes skin recovering and healing of microcracks);
  • snapping hazel – Hamamelis virginiana (alleviates the joint pain in and promotes neutralization of harmful effects of the environment on your skin);
  • carbamide (mitigates a horn layer and gives to skin elasticity, reducing dryness);
  • keratin (redefine the nail plate, doing it firmer and stronger; prevents the destruction and nail peeling);
  • Alpha Bisabolol (removes irritation, calms skin and gives it smoothness);
  • Calcium (promotes normal development of a bone tissue, strengthening and growth of nails);
  • Polymer R236 (it is a new formula, which was created at the laboratory in Parama (Brasil), its ingredients protect nails from the negative action of nail polish, clear the nail area and make it smooth);
  • Emollient (increase the skin’s hydration, prevent the skin from becoming too dry or oily, provide a protective film).

The Brazilian manicure procedure in OASIS Beauty&Spa

Qualitative Brazilian manicure makes by our qualified specialists. For Brazilian Manicure our masters use professional sets of BalbCare which was founded in 2005 in Brazil and became the first company which developed and introduced a unique formula of hands and nail care. For a short period of time products for the Brazilian Manicure by BalbCare capture hearts of many clients and masters of Nail-Industry. BalbCare kits is a high quality pair of gloves made ​​of polyethylene containing unique emulsion, stick with the orange tree, and disposable nail file. The product is packed in a protected atmosphere in sterile disposable packaging.

Steps by Brazilian manicure

  • We open the BalbCare kit and remove the gloves, nail file and wooden cuticle pusher;
  • We remove any nail polish and file nails as normal;
  • We distribute the emollient evenly inside the gloves;
  • We put the gloves on the hands and make sure that all cuticles are covered with emollient;
  • We break the plastic tips of the gloves and start working on the cuticles as normal (it is no need to use any cuticle remover creams or oils);
  • We start removing the gloves delicately;
  • We remove the excess emollient;
  • We make good use of the emollient on the skin by massaging it in, this will help the skin absorb those essential vitamins.

The price of Brazilian manicure in Krakow

The Brazilian manicure is not innovation in the list of services of our OASIS beauty and SPA. This manicure already became the favorite procedure of many judges of skin and nail SPA. Our manicurists will do everything to make your nails strong, with natural color and cared-for look. Reasonable price of the Brazilian manicure, the convenient location and the warm atmosphere of our salon will leave each client happy after the procedure of the Brazilian manicure.
If you want to make an appointment of Brazilian manicure in OASIS Beauty and SPA salon, click on the link, or contact us at the following phone numbers:
Tel. +48 (518) 739-012;
Tel. +48 (12) 421-30-14.
Krakow, Kazimiez district, OASIS Beauty&Spa

Distinctions of the Brazilian manicure in OASIS Beauty and SPA

In our OASIS beauty and SPA salon you will be able to receive fashionable manicure from qualified specialists. Our specialists will make the procedure non-destructive for client’s health and will take care of your nails. The main distinctive feature of the Brazilian Manicure is its safety because an individual one-use set are used. Brazilian Manicure has one more advantage – it is time of procedure. In 30 minutes only specialists of OASIS Beauty and SPA salon will make qualitative SPA – procedure.

Benefits of Brazilian manicure

  • This can be called a kind of manicure and hygienic completely safe. Carrying it, you can not be afraid of infection by various bacterial and fungal infections that is not excluded in the classic manicure.
  • The entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes, and it is also an important advantage.
  • Brazilian manicure eliminates the additional cosmetic products for skin care hand and nail plate, again, due to the fact that all the necessary care will perform an emulsion.
  • Brazilian manicure strengthens and restores the nail plate, whitens and smoothes the surface of the nail.
  • Adds to nails a natural shade and gloss.
  • It is universal (suits both men, and women).
  • Affordable.

The procedure of the Brazilian manicure has no special contraindications, in addition to possible allergic reactions to structure of a nutritious emulsion.

Result of the Brazilian manicure:

It is excellent SPA care for nails and hands which will suit women and men with different types of skin. As a result you receive an excellent Brazilian Manicure in 30 minutes only. The skin of your hands become softer and lighter, and nails become stronger with natural colour and gloss.
Time zips along, the future has arrived! Traditional methods of manicure receded into the background. Thanks to a hi-tech formula of BalbCare emulsion and its natural components the manicure service now is on the next professional level. Welcome to our OASIS Beauty and SPA salon and test all benefits of Brazilian manicure.

For clients who after Brazilian manicure prefer a decorative covering, we have a wide choice of colours and materials for stylization of nails in our OASIS Beauty and SPA salon.

Among a large variety of services of our beauty salon, Paraffinotherapy for hands, Cover (nails polish) & style may be also interesting for you.

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