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Keratin hair straightening Styler JOICO

time30-60 min.

What Is Keratin Hair Straightening In Krakow

Are you a proud owner of messy and unruly hair that is often very challenging to keep tidy? In that case, you should visit us and get hair straightening with Keratin. Not many people know what keratin hair straightening is. This is a salon medical procedure for hair that straightens and has a curative effect. Its purpose is to restore the structure of damaged hair.

Keratin hair treatment differs from other professional means for straightening, since it does not change the structure of the hair. The main component of the straightener is synthesized liquid Keratin. It allows the liquid to penetrate into the voids of the hair and fill them, and under the influence of temperature, keratin folds and turns into a protective layer. Thanks to this, the hair becomes shiny and smooth.

So how to straighten hair using Keratin. This hair care complex consists of 4 stages.
1. Cleansing;
2. Conditioning;
3. Reconstruction;
4. Moisturizing.
At Oasis Beauty&Spa we use only the best hair products to perform this procedure.

Price For Keratin Hair Straightening In Krakow

At Oasis Beauty&Spa we have specialized hair stylists that will take care of you and your hair. You will leave our salon with beautiful, healthy, shining hair. And all of this for an affordable price. To see Keratin Hair Straightening price at our salon click the link.

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Benefits Of Keratin Hair Straightening At Oasis Beauty&Spa

At Oasis Beauty&Spa our beautician for Keratin hair straightening uses Keratriplex Treatment from PAUL MITCHELL AWAPUHI and Keratin STYLER by JOICO. The benefits of this procedure performed by our professionals include:
● The condition of the hair improves simultaneously from the outside and from the inside, a qualitative restoration of the hair structure takes place due to hair vitamins in the substance, which is reflected in its appearance
● The results of this salon procedure can be seen right away
● The effect lasts for 3 to 5 months, then keratin begins to gradually wash out of the hair and their natural structure returns to normal.
● After keratin straightening, you get the opportunity to save time on hair styling because your hair looks great every day.
● The procedure can be repeated after the previous effect disappears. With each following procedure of keratin straightening, the hair condition improves. The hair strengthens and shines, and becomes straight and soft.
We provide not only Keratin Hair Straightening procedure, but also diverse beauty services. So if you want any type of hair styling or hair cuts our haircut stylist is there to help you. Come visit us at Oasis Beauty&Spa, the best hair salon in Krakow situated in the center of the city.

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