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Hair roots coloring for men

time40 min.
pricefrom 30

Dyeing in men’s haircuts is a hair salon service, which began to gain its popularity for a long time ago.
Dye helps to refresh haircut or hair color, to hide the shortcomings of the structure, as well as arrange the necessary accents.

The most popular methods of hair coloring in the men’s hairstyles are:

  • Toning individual strands (most demanded option – toning bangs);
  • «Balayage» method of dyeing the tips (for short hair, you can choose a quiet and contrasting shades);
  • «Trash» method (free and relaxed style of coloring);
  • Coloring;
  • Complete painting chemical dyes for painting the gray hair.

What about the choice of colors, it can be bright contrasting colors or shades, close to natural. Bright colors help to make strong accents in the hairstyle, while soothing colors enliven hair, add shine and volume. All your hair can be tinted and colored. Now the most popular variant is toning of individual strands. Method of dyeing is selected depends on the texture and thickness of hair. For example, for thin and rare hair the ideal methods are«Balayage» or «Trash». Also, dye the tips soften features of face.

As for the coloring, the gray hair it is better to choose method “tone in tone”.
To look younger we recommend to make highlights (using a chemical dye to lighter shade of natural hair color).
When our masters dye long men’s hairwe do not recommend to use bright colors. This way your hair will look unnatural. It is better to give preference to the light toning of dark hair or not bright highlights (the best option, when the color of dyeing and natural color differ only in one tone). Toning helps to make hair color more saturated, while highlighting give hair shape and volume.
The most popular shades of coloring of long hair are natural light shades. Men’s hair dye is not something new and incredible. Because many males use hair coloring to cover their gray hair or just to change their appearance. There isa special series of dyes for men.

The structure of the men’s hair is differ. All dyes are created for men to hide gray hair. The time of exposure is 5-15 minutes. The dye is washed away after a month.
Our salon Oasis works with excellent products for hair JOICO.

JOICO has a special dye for men who fills the gray hair without leaving a trace of age. Hair coloring will give a completely natural look. No one can assume that the hair is dyed.

Welcome to our salon Oasis and see it by yourself!

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