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Eyebrow tweezing

time15 min.

If we talk about the visual appeal of women the first thing that comes to mind – are eyes. However, few of us know that eyebrows create maximum emphasis eyes. That is why eyes become more attractive. The right shape of the eyebrows helps to hide fatigue, your look becomes younger and more resilient.

Salon BEAUTY & SPA OASIS offers a procedure of eyebrows correction with tweezers.
As a rule, masters make correction of eyebrows with the help of universal tool in the form of a cosmetic tweezers with specially rounded tips.

Skilled makeup artists of our salon prepare special tools before the treatment – brush to swipe the remote hairs and a few cotton swabs. Master start the process of eyebrow correction with disinfected hands and sterile instrument. During the process of eyebrow correction, make-up artist will keep the skin slightly stretched.

Master of our salon will tell you what she is going to do and begin her work only after full consultation with you.
The main rule in the correction of eyebrows is the right direction in which the process begins. It is necessary to start the process from the inside of the eyebrows and to move to the outside.

Makeup artists of OASIS make eyebrow correction properly and recommend a form that is right for you.

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