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Hips waxing

time30 min.

Salon BEAUTY & SPA OASIS offers different types of waxing, including waxing thigh.

Depilation of thighs is the least common procedure. Some people prefer to leave the area in a natural, intact. The argument is simple: the hairs on areas above the knee thin and inconspicuous. But, women, who observe the aesthetic beauty, prefer the smooth skin over the entire length of the legs.
Depilation wax is a popular method of hair removal on the hips. Despite the slight pain, many women prefer waxing to a number of advantages.


  • Hair removal on the thighs with using wax takes a little time.
  • Cosmetic effect lasts for about a month.
  • Newly growing hair becomes thinner and softer.
  • Pain decreases with repeated treatments.


  • Hair length should be at least 5 mm.
  • One day before the hair, removal wax hips you must not take sunbathe and use scrubs.
  •  Minor pain.
  •  After the procedure, some days may remain on the skin irritation.
  • The skin exfoliation is possible.

Contraindications to the depilation wax hips: varicose veins, skin lesions and pregnancy.
In OASIS salon, you can enjoy a high level of service and quality of performance of waxing services. Our masters use high quality materials and professional tools. If you need high quality hair removal wax hips – please contact the OASIS, and you will be satisfied!

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