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Upper lip waxing

time 15 min.

Women are obsessed to bring their body to perfection. They spend a lot of time, make many efforts to remove unwanted body hair. The fight against excessive hair on the legs and in the bikini zone does not cause any special problems, but the appearance of dark “tendrils” on the upper lip can put many women in a deadlock. There is a solution – the upper lip waxing in the salon BEAUTY & SPA OASIS, which will help you to cope with this trouble for a long time.

Depilation is a removal of the visible part of the hair protruding from the skin. Today, depilation of upper lip is made with using different materials. We offer you waxing procedure.
It is an effective procedure, because the hair is removed with the root, which slows its further growth. Besides, the hairs become thinner and lighter.

Warm wax is applied on the skin above the upper lip on the hairline. After the wax hardens a bit, it is removed by a sharp movement against the hair growth. After the procedure is completed, a special moisturizing cream is applied on the face. After waxing hairs do not grow for approximately one month.

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