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Hair removal nose wax

time 10 min.

Removal of hair on the face is a delicate procedure that requires a careful approach to the choice of a professional cosmetologist and beauty.

Salon BEAUTY & SPA OASIS offers you a variety of hair removal, such as the procedure «hair removal nose wax”.
The hair in the nose is a barrier that does not let dust to get in our organism. However, hairs, which stick out of nostrils, do not add any attraction to men or women. That is why many people want to remove hair from the nose.

Masters of BEAUTY & SPA SALON OASIS make waxing procedure in the nose. After this procedure, hair from nostrils will not grow for a long time. This procedure is safe and does not harm the mucous membrane and blood vessels.

Our specialists will choose for you the most optimal form of depilation and method of applying the wax, guided by your wishes, condition of hair, skin type and its sensitivity.

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