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Armpits depilation

time30 min.

For many women excess vegetation on the body is a disaster. There are many methods of hair removal, which are available to maintain the perfect smoothness of the skin. However, for a tender delicate area, like an underarm, it is difficult to find a suitable way to hair removal.

Skin in the underarm area is very sensitive. Capillaries are too closely spaced, and the hairs are often very strong and tough.
However, in spite of everything, the hair in the armpits must be removed. In addition, not only from an aesthetic point of view. The underarm area has a huge number of sweat glands that work more actively with the hair, as a result – growth of the bacteria and the odors of sweat and even the threat of skin diseases.

Salon BEAUTY & SPA OASIS offers a procedure for hair removal waxing armpits.
With the help of hot wax hair in the armpits can be got rid of for a long time. Hot wax steamed skin pores widens, slightly analgesic it and the hairs can be easily removed by the root. After the several treatments your hair becomes weaker. It may slows its growth.

If you want to make a wax hair removal of underarm, you may visit our salon. Natural and professional cosmetics and cozy atmosphere will make this process not only painless and safe, but also enjoyable.

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