Certyfikat - bezpieczna turystyka Małopolska
Travelers’ Choice 2020

Carboxytherapy of face & scalp

1. Skin around the eyes (circles under the eyes, mimic wrinkles) 15min. 120zł.
2. Face 25min. 200zł.
3. Chin (correction of the face oval, removal of the second chin) 15min. 120zł.
4. Face + chin Discount 320 zł 30min. 200zł.
5. Neck 20min. 130zł.
6. Neckline 25min. 150zł.
7. Neck + Neckline Discount 280 zł 25min. 200zł.
8. Face + chin + neck+ neckline Discount 600 zł 35min. 300zł.
9. Head skin (hair loss) 15min. 150zł.

For maximum aesthetic effect, we recommend a minimal course 6 procedures for the face and 10 for the body.

Spa Salon Oasis Beauty&Spa in Krakow

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